Mission Possible – The Opportunity Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai

Multimedia and interactive technologies help compel visitors to build a commitment to changing living conditions around the world.

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The Opportunity Pavilion was one of three thematic pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai, an event that attracted more than 20 million visitors in less than 6 months. The pavilion’s goal was to engage visitors and challenge their thinking about global problems of water, food and energy. By engaging visitors, the organizers hoped to build a commitment to action.

Technology played a major role in communicating urgent messages about global challenges and building essential commitment to change. Visitors were guided on a ‘mission’ and, at every stage, interactive technologies helped to demonstrate in a practical way how they could help ‘shape the future’ and achieve ‘Mission Possible’.

Electrosonic worked in partnership with engineering and contracting group, ALEC to provide complete audiovisual engineering, integration and commissioning services for all the multimedia and interactive exhibits.

** Photos courtesy of Expo 2020 Dubai & Christie®


The Opportunity Pavilion takes visitors on a guided mission led by ‘mentors’. The journey begins at ‘Mission Sign-Up’ where visitors select a route – water, food or energy – and obtain preliminary information from 18 video totems.

They then join ‘Mission Briefing’ where mentors explain each mission’s targets via projected messages on three large screens.

Next, each group moves to their chosen ‘Mission Activated’ zone. In each zone, visitors take part in interactive games on 12 screens displaying projected content themed to the chosen route. The screens double as interactive elements enabling visitors to complete a series of actions to improve conditions. To guide visitors on their journey a mentor is projected on a wall above the interactives explaining the game and the topic the games relate to. 

Visitors then move to a large table featuring a model of a local community. By placing their hands on 36 interactive palm prints, visitors activate video footage of community improvements on multiple screens above the table. Relevant local data in the form of motion graphics is then projection-mapped onto the table.

Moving to ‘Mission Shared’, visitors see a summary of achievements in water, food and energy on three large curved screens. Finally, they enter ‘Mission Accomplished where one large cloud tables encourage visitors to select from a menu of pledges and see their choices projection-mapped onto a floral ceiling and one of the room's walls. 

Outside of the visitor experience was a separate C0-Create area designed for presentations and training. This area consisted of a single projector and 4 monitors for plug-in laptop or rack-mounted media player presentations, all controlled via an iPad or wall-mounted touch panel. 

Control of the pavilion was automatic via a scheduling system. Electrosonic also provided a manual mode where the areas could be started by small wall-mounted keypads. The keypads also had lighting and emergency functions. Ipads were also used for control interfaces. 


The goal of the Opportunity Pavilion was to create an engaging, inspiring environment that would build commitment to improving living conditions through better local access to water, food and energy. The organizers wanted to involve visitors in real-life activities that would demonstrate how small actions could make a major difference. Electrosonic’s role was to deliver a technology solution that would communicate urgent messages and provide opportunities for engagement through interaction.


Electrosonic provided a fully operational system that blends multiple technologies, including 36 interactives, multimedia projection, projection-mapping, immersive soundscapes and more than 70 projectors.

Electrosonic worked closely with the exhibition designers and contractors to provide complete audiovisual engineering, integration and commissioning services for all the multimedia and interactive exhibits. In keeping with the theme of sustainability, Electrosonic used its Dubai production facility to reduce supply chain impact.


Electrosonic’s 50+ years’ experience of working on Expo pavilions ensured a successful deployment of this complex, large-scale immersive installation through effective collaboration with a variety of partners.

The Opportunity Pavilion was one of three pavilions supported by Electrosonic at Expo 2020; each one incorporated a solution that was innovative, creative and sustainable and helped to attract a record number of visitors to this global event.

Project Details

Expo 2020 Dubai
Dubai, UAE
160,000 square feet
Facility Integration
Project Management
Audiovisual & Control Systems
Specialty Projection
Specialty Audio
System Commissioning
Testing & Programming
Mission Possible relies heavily on AV because of all the videos and interactive games. It was very important to us to have good quality content with the highest possible resolution to ensure we could deliver an amazing experience for all our visitors.
Anoosha AlMarzouqi
Director, Opportunity Pavilion
Understanding Issues A series of model farms and villages, incorporate interactive palm prints that trigger motion graphics or video content describing improvements to local life.
Testing Solutions Interactive games demonstrate in a practical way how small actions result in major changes.
Creating Action In the final space, Mission Accomplished, visitors make pledges on interactive clouds that project their actions onto an overhead garden scene.


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