CHAOS #501 at the Gagosian Gallery

A unique digital art experience showcases 1000 digitized objects with precise rendition.

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‘CHAOS # 501’ is a unique art experience by renowned Swiss visual artist Urs Fischer on display in the ‘Denominator’ exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in New York City located at 555 West 25th Street. The stunning exhibit is a two-dimensional rendering of 1,000 digital elements showcased on a 30ft by 13ft 0.84mm pixel pitch 8K Samsung direct view video wall.

Denominator is the culmination of a series of digital sculptures created by the artist. ‘CHAOS #501’ brings together all 1000 elements featured in Urs Fischer’s other ‘CHAOS’ installations. To optimize the experience, the artist required a display system of ultra-high quality.

Electrosonic was brought in by Mr. Keet and recommended to the Gagosian Gallery as technology advisor and systems integrator to help them select and procure the most appropriate LED wall to represent the NFT art. Electrosonic then carried out the complex engineering, installation, commissioning, programming and training.

Photo Credits: © Urs Fischer Photo: Tom Powel Imaging Courtesy Gagosian


Urs Fischer’s vision for ‘CHAOS # 501’ is an encyclopaedic composition that tells the story of humanity through the many artifacts it leaves behind. The 1000 selected elements, which represent everyday objects, were transformed from physical to digital existence through a variety of 3-dimensional scanning processes.

All the digital elements come together on an impressive, 30 ft x 13 ft micro-LED video wall and are designed to move independently of each other through a defined space. 

Image quality is the number one priority for this unique art experience — each object has to display clearly and precisely within the overall composition to ensure the best possible viewing experience.

Translating the ambitious vision into a practical solution required the technical knowledge and skills of an experiential technology specialist. So, The Gagosian Gallery hired video wall experts Electrosonic to create a specification that will optimize the user experience for this exhibition.

Electrosonic identified a product that was best suited for what the Gallery was looking to achieve, through high performance and world-class quality standards – Samsung’s ‘The Wall’. After multiple trips to the Samsung Briefing Center to test content, Electrosonic recommended a fine 0.84mm pixel pitch for this 8K direct-view micro-LED video wall. The result is a stunning showcase for a unique creative experience that pushes the boundaries between the physical and digital art world.


Quality was critical for this unique art experience, which required a display system capable of providing precise rendition of the 1,000 digital elements of ‘CHAOS #501’ through exceptional image processing and color contrast.

The Gagosian Gallery team needed a Samsung-certified audiovisual systems integrator experienced in complex large-scale video wall deployments to deliver under tight timelines in museum-like environments. Electrosonic’s technical guidance and ability to install a wall of this magnitude on a short schedule with an opening date that was not negotiable speaks to our ability to execute under any conditions.


The solution is an accurate representation of how digital display systems are giving visual and digital artists a canvas that can take many shapes and sizes. This video wall installation is especially unique, as NFT collectors from around the world converge on this West Side Gallery to not only get a glimpse of what has been created but in hope of having a chance to purchase the NFT, which includes the entire video wall setup.


Electrosonic is highly experienced in delivering immersive solutions that feature high-quality digital displays like the representation of 'CHAOS #501'. For this project, we leaned heavily on technology partners to ensure that every detail was met and we were able to deliver the video wall on time and within budget.

The display system for ‘CHAOS #501’ is designed to be portable so that it can be used in other exhibitions or sold to a collector.

Project Details

Gagosian Gallery
Urs Fischer, Mr. Keet, Samsung, Evolve Technology, Pixera
New York City, NY
30 ft x 13 ft
Video & Control Systems
Technical Direction
Detailed Engineering
Project Management
Procurement & Fabrication
Installation & System Integration
Commissioning & Programming
Media Management & Training
The Urs Fischer immersive art experience ‘CHAOS #501’ is a real-world example of how direct-view LED and NFTs can create a unique and exciting way to present and sell digital art.
Brandon Harp
Senior Business Development Manager, Electrosonic
Digital Canvas A 30 ft x 13 ft video wall provides a stunning canvas for a unique digital art experience.
Compelling Storytelling 1,000 moving digital images tell the story of humanity through the artifacts it leaves behind.
Ultra-High Resolution An 8k direct-view LED video wall with an ultra-fine 0.84mm pixel pitch delivers the essential image quality for displaying each image precisely.


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