Masha and the Bear Land of Laughter

Technology brings popular children’s television characters to life in a fun-packed theme park adventure.

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Masha and the Bear Land of Laughter is a new family-friendly themed land at the Land of Legends Theme Park in Antalya, Turkey. It’s based on the stories of Masha and the Bear, an animated Russian television series popular in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Land of Laughter follows the adventures of Masha and her friend Bear, who keeps her out of trouble as she encounters other characters. 

Guests follow the storyline on an interactive journey through forests, a circus, fairground and carnival, culminating in ‘A Joyful Journey’ – a story-telling boat ride through four seasons in scenes created by projection, lighting, special effects, sound effects, animated figures and dynamic audio from the television series. 

Electrosonic collaborated with an impressive partner team led by Chris Lange – Creative Executive and Owner at CSB – Creative Studio Berlin GmbH to provide design and installation supervision of the show control, audio and video systems throughout the land to ensure they delivered the creative vision and met the Park’s quality standards.



Masha and the Bear Land of Laughter is an exciting new attraction - around 8,000 square meters of themed family entertainment where technology helps recreate adventures from the popular television series. 

Full-bandwidth audio from 145 speakers and 27 subwoofers plays a key role throughout the land. Background music throughout the boat ride, songs that set the tone for different scenes, sounds of animals and the forest and special sound effects create an immersive sonic environment for storytelling. 

At the heart of the land is ‘The Joyful Journey’ a slow-moving boat ride that follows a unique storyline where guests are immersed in themed activities through four seasons created by LED displays, UV lighting effects, projection mapping, animatronics and sound effects. 

Projection mapping creates amazing illusions like animals changing costumes, the moon transforming into a pumpkin and immersive firework displays. Lighting, sound effects and other media are triggered by 12 sensors that react to the position of the boats throughout the journey as guests experience the sights and sounds of seasonal events. 

After the ride, guests cross a walkway with a rich audio experience to ‘Water Mania’ where targets hit with water cannons trigger water feature actions and 11 different sound effects and background music from 56 speakers and 13 subwoofers. Hungry guests can visit Bear’s Dining Car – a themed train carriage where 8 LED displays create the illusion of windows. Screens on one side recreate a world outside alive with activity and fun; on the other side show clips from the television series. Forty-four speakers and 13 subwoofers provide audio inside and outside the carriage.


The vision was to create a fun-packed experience that recreates the amazing adventures of Masha and the Bear. The owners needed a partner with deep experience of delivering large and complex park-wide technology systems for themed lands and attractions to oversee the design and installation of audiovisual and show control systems throughout the land to ensure they delivered the creative vision. 

The project had to be completed against a challenging timescale made more difficult by the travel and supply chain restrictions of the pandemic.


Electrosonic was an integral part of an extensive team that worked on-site supported by ‘virtual teams’ providing guidance and feedback remotely. Electrosonic was responsible for overseeing and supervising audiovisual design and installation, as well as engineering, programming and commissioning the audio, video and show control systems throughout the land. We also engineered and programmed the racks and the 12 sensors that triggered audio, lighting, projection mapping and special effects during the boat ride, as well as 200 speakers and 40 subwoofers throughout the land. Because of tight deadlines, the team used innovative methods to commission the projection mapping on-site.


Masha and the Bear Land of Laughter uses technology to create an immersive environment for storytelling in a fun, family-friendly way. Projection mapping, sound effects, creative lighting, audio, interactivity and special effects together with 75 animatronics take the guests on an adventure following unique storylines. 

Electrosonic’s role in overseeing design and installation of the audiovisual and control systems ensured that the solution provided the optimum guest experience.

Project Details

The Land of Legends Theme Park
Chris Lange – Creative Executive and Owner at CSB – Creative Studio Berlin GmbH, Mycotoo, Visual Terrain, Flying Doghouse Productions, MK Themed Attractions, Daghan Yururler
Antalya, Turkey
8,000 square meters
Technology Design Consulting
Audiovisual Design
Control System Design
Detailed Engineering & CAD
Project Management
Commissioning & Programming
Specialty Projection & Audio
Digital Displays
These attractions and lands were designed to extend the dwell time for guests in the park, as well as provide guests with stories and characters that they recognize. In some respects, The Land of Legends has been a bit of a hidden gem and I’m excited to see them raise their profile in the industry.
Chris Lange
Creative Executive and Owner at CSB – Creative Studio Berlin GmbH
Seasonal Ride Guests take a boat ride following the adventures of Masha and the Bear through four seasons recreated through projection mapping, lighting, sound and special effects.
Audio Adventures Audio features throughout the land, immersing guests with songs, sound effects and background music from the popular television series.
Dining Experience Bear’s Dining Car invites guests to enjoy the excitement of the outside world through LED screens that create the illusion of windows.


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