Okta’s New York Experience Center

A customer experience center that communicates brand values in unique and unexpected ways.

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As part of a broad initiative to appeal to both B2B and B2C customers, Okta, (a Bay Area identity and access management technology company) wanted to launch a public-facing experience space in New York City. At its core would be compelling interactive expressions to drive brand awareness and increase sales of their digital products and services.

The interactive experience communicates inwards to an immersive circular customer experience center and outwards to attract the attention of passers-by. More than 1675 linear feet of LED ‘fins’ communicate dynamic, large-scale brand content, animations and digital shadows triggered by hidden LIDAR sensors and motion-tracking cameras. 

Electrosonic provided audiovisual system integration, engineering, specialty audio and projection, immersive technology services and a managed services package in support of the experience design agency, HUSH. Together, we created a dynamic experiential solution that conveys Okta’s brand values in a unique way.

*Photography courtesy of Petrinistudio


A harmony of experiential technology brings Okta's values of innovation, empowerment, transparency, integrity and customer success to light in original and unexpected ways inside and outside the building, inspiring visitors and passers-by to explore Okta's services and approach to identity and access management.

As visitors pass outside the building, hidden LIDAR mapping tracks movement and triggers interaction with dynamic brand content, animations and their own digital shadows displayed on a line of 8-foot interactive LED ‘fins’ inside the window. The line of 27 single and 98 double-sided LED fins continues, then curves inside the building to create an immersive circular customer experience center.

When visitors enter the customer experience center, they see two large dynamic 4K LED displays - 98 inches and 75 inches – that present key insights about OKTA and the importance of data security. Motion-tracking cameras sense visitor movement and proximity to trigger content on the displays. Speakers around the space create an immersive auditory experience to match the impressive visuals.  

When it is time for more thorough discussions, visitors can move to a variety of conference and training rooms or a large event space equipped with two large 98" LED displays, speakers and subwoofers for conferences, town halls or large presentations. 

Inside and outside the building, architecture and technology create an immersive experience - a highly effective platform for communicating the Okta brand, a truly memorable experience for visitors and an inspirational workplace for employees.


The major technical challenge was to install and integrate 125 LED fins into custom casings and specially built tracks. Installation of multiple components was complex and integration required close collaboration with LED suppliers, track fabricators and steel workers reinforcing the track. 

Cabling was also challenging. Cable runs from racks in the basement had to be routed to the LED fins and audiovisual systems on three floors. This required detailed planning.


The experience center design solution features an intelligent combination of LED systems, embedded people tracking, dynamic content, immersive audio and a robust control system to tie everything together in a seamless immersive experience.

Electrosonic collaborated with designers HUSH to realize their creative vision and worked closely with suppliers and fabricators to handle the complex integrations. To ensure the solution continues to operate, Electrosonic provides an Affinity managed on-site services package.


The Okta New York Experience Center leverages a physical space with technology to bring products to life and create memorable experiences for visitors. Beautifully curated, dynamic content inside and outside the building creates an environment that is thrilling, inviting and supportive of the Okta brand.

The innovative experience enables customers and partners to interact with Okta and ensures they leave with an understanding of what Okta does and the value they deliver.

Project Details

New York City
5000 square feet
Immersive Technologies
Audio, Video and Control Systems
Technical Direction & Facility Impact
Detailed Engineering
Procurement & Fabrication
Installation & Integration
Commissioning & Programming
Affinity Managed On-Site Support
We’re excited to expand our footprint to include New York City and to reimagine the way enterprise software companies can leverage physical spaces to bring our products to life and create memorable experiences for our networks.
Armen Vartanian
Senior Vice President, Global Workplace Services, Okta
Immersive Briefing An event space equipped with large LED displays provides facilities for conferences, customer presentations and town hall meetings.
Street Presence A line of interactive LED fins captures the attention of passers-by as LIDAR mapping detects movement and triggers dynamic branded content.
Engaging Customers A series of boardrooms, conference and training rooms equipped with large LED displays, room schedulers, cameras and speakers provide opportunities for engaging customer meetings.

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