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An immersive, multi-sensory observation deck experience, where technology adds a new dimension to stunning cityscapes.

28 MIN

From Attraction to Immersion, How are Theme Parks Becoming Immersive Entertainment hubs?

Theme parks have always led the way in using audio visual and experiential technology to create a visitor experience that is truly memorable. But visitor expectations are rising  guests want something way beyond what they could experience at home, an alternative reality that fully immerses them and appeals to all their senses.

In this 28-minute podcast, Senior Consultant Paul Kent and Vice President Chris Conte, both vastly experienced in award-winning theme park projects, demonstrate how immersive technologies can fully engage visitors in a magical experience. They illustrate how creativity and storytelling driven by invisible technology and smart integration can capture the imagination and take visitors beyond their expectations.

You will learn more about:

  • The visitor expectations that influence theme park development (2:47)
  • How demand for immersive experiences is impacting entertainment and media consumption (4:40)
  • What it takes to create a magical immersive moment (7:30)
  • How theme park experiences are making greater use of interactivity (9:57)
  • How technology elevates the theme park experience (13:30)
  • The critical role of storytelling and the way audio visual brings stories to life (16:37)
  • How theme parks balance the investment between technology and the physical space (19:00)
  • The key factors that ensure the success of an immersive experience project (24:00)

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