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51 MIN

How Innovative Technology Continues to Evolve in the Leisure Business

When the pandemic hit, it was clear that technology was not ready to support leisure operators by helping them maintain 'business as usual'. Instead, the emphasis switched initially to virtual experiences. Now, as leisure venues reopen, the question is, has innovation over the last 12 months put those businesses in a stronger position.

In this 50-minute podcast, three senior Electrosonic thought leaders, Ryan Poe, Yiannis Cabolis and Joel Zink, review ground-breaking technologies of the past and current innovations. They consider how the latest innovations might enhance the guest experience and benefit operators beyond the post-pandemic period. Several common themes emerge the importance of contactless solutions, greater personalization and interactivity, increased adoption of XR, the wider use of personal devices to interact with technology on leisure sites and the need to leverage data to enhance the experience and improve operational efficiency.

Join them as they explore:

  • How operators used technology to transition to virtual experiences (3:20)
  • The types of technology operators adopted to deal with the challenges of the pandemic (6:00)
  • The main challenges facing operators during the pandemic (9:40)
  • The advances in technology over the past 12 months (18:30)
  • The characteristics of the 'new normal' in leisure venues (29:00)
  • The factors driving innovation after the pandemic (32:30)
  • Opportunities for the leisure industry to benefit from pent-up demand (41:50)
  • The increasing importance of standardization to maintain operational value (46:00)

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