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How Automation, Collaboration and Passion Helped Deliver the World's Largest Museum

When the task is to design and integrate the audio visual systems for the Sheikh Abdullah al Salem Cultural Centre in Kuwait, that's quite a challenge. It's the world's largest museum complex that features 23 galleries, 800 exhibits, a 4D theater and a 1 million-liter aquarium across 22,000 square meters. Add to that searing hot working conditions and the need to coordinate planning and deployment with hundreds of contractors over a 5-year period.

When you ask what it takes, who better to explain than two of the key Electrosonic players on the project - Simon George, Senior Entertainment Consultant, and Nerijus Linauskas, Senior Project Engineer. Electrosonic was involved from the outset, providing technical guidance to the design team, which helped the seamless transition from vision to installation. Automation played a key role in streamlining the many engineering decisions on-site and ensuring consistent quality across the site. Coordination with suppliers, logistics companies and partners on-site was crucial to maintaining the tight schedules. Most important, it was passion for the project that drove the team throughout. The project was so successful that it led to Electrosonic's award of the 2019 Best Museum Project by Commercial Integrator's Integration Award.

Learn from our first-hand account:

  • Where Electrosonic contributed and how we were involved in the creative conversations (8:15)
  • How we influenced technical decisions about innovative design ideas (10:52)
  • How Electrosonic mobilized resources to meet the deadline (18:56)
  • How automation helped Electrosonic maintain consistency and quality through collaboration (24:54)
  • How Electrosonic sourced materials to ensure success for the on-site team (28:59)
  • The physical conditions that posed challenges (32:29)
  • Visitors' response to the museum after opening (38:29)
  • The client's response to the final outcome (40:31)
  • The project initiatives and standards set by this project (41:44)

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