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40 MIN

How Briefing Centers can Become Memorable, Exciting Spaces

As briefing centers gradually reopen, businesses are looking at ways to use innovative technology to create memorable spaces that are exciting but safe to ensure the optimum visitor experience. The aim is to restore an immersive, high-touch human experience where visitors can engage with employees, experience products and interact with the brand, while respecting each visitor's comfort levels.

In this 40-minute podcast, Sean McChesney, an Experience Technology Consultant with Electrosonic and AVIXA Young AV Professional of the Year in 2020, explores the factors that enable briefing center managers to meet their visitors' expectations and concerns. Understanding why a visitor has chosen to attend is crucial to developing a personalized experience that is relevant. Delivering the experience through the right mix of education, excitement and fun will ensure a positive response. Technology can deliver that experience in a way that can be personalized and adapted for both physical and virtual environments.

You will learn about:

  • How briefing centers have evolved (3:25)
  • How the pandemic reshaped the briefing center (6:05)
  • The way high-touch experiences can return safely (9:00)
  • Why the pandemic changed visitors' expectations of the briefing center (13:45)
  • What visitors want from a briefing center (16:55)
  • The importance of education, entertainment and fun (20:20)
  • How smart integrations can improve the visitor experience (28:00)
  • Future trends in the briefing center (34:40)

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