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An immersive, multi-sensory observation deck experience, where technology adds a new dimension to stunning cityscapes.

39 MIN

Interactive Technology Immerses Visitors in a Real Personalized Spy Mission

The International Spy Museum is a venue with a difference. Here, visitors become part of the display, taking part in a real life spy mission using highly personalized RFID technology to interact with the exhibits. It's a game-like experience that leverages technology to immerse visitors in their own personal version of the secret, shadowy world of espionage.

In this intriguing 38-minute podcast, Chris Cooper, Electrosonic's Project Manager at the Museum, explains the essential role 'hidden technology' plays in creating an experience where visitors test their spy-craft skills through a range of 16 interactive exhibits via a personalized, interactive lanyard. The unique combination of museum, personalized game, interactives and immersive experiences led to Electrosonic's award of the 2020 Best Museum Project by Commercial Integrator's Integration Award and made it the most successful paid admission museum in DC.

Listen in to learn the secrets of the Museum's success:

  • Why espionage-related technology captures people's imagination (3:18)
  • Electrosonic's role in leveraging technology to tell the story (9:05)
  • How the 'buzz' about the changes generated interest and attention in the community (12:55)
  • How Electrosonic blended spy technology into the story (15:04)
  • The key goals for creating this type of personalized experience (20:00)
  • How Electrosonic overcame the technical hurdles of creating hidden technology (22:37)
  • The importance of collaborative relationships in delivering this project (31:30)

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