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45 MIN

It's Not the Technology that is Exciting. It's the Potential to Create Experiences

Live events like InfoComm give us great insight into the way audio visual technology is evolving. Bryan Hinckley, Electrosonic's Global Vice President of Immersive Experiences and CMO Maurizio Capuzzo visited the event to discover how the latest technologies open opportunities to create exciting new types of immersive experience.

In this 45-minute podcast, they review advances in technologies in areas like laser and short-throw projection, audio, flexible OLED displays, transparent LED and extended reality (XR). They go beyond the technology to explore how system integrators working with content producers, architects, designers and owners are developing radically new ways of telling stories and immersing guests in physical and virtual experiences.

Join them as they explore:

  • The technologies with a promising future (7:25)
  • New opportunities for wireless technologies (12:00)
  • The evolution of the experience economy (14:50)
  • The technologies that will drive the experience economy (20:50)
  • How to fuse technology with the architectural environment to create great experiences (24:50)
  • The future role for XR technology (33:34)
  • The way technology interacts with other aspects of the human experience where people live, work and play (40:50)

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