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The Future of AV Experience Technology Continues to Impress

Pro AV is constantly evolving with new trends and technology. As a result, creating next-level immersive experiences requires the industry to innovate and adapt. In looking at the future of the AV experiences, Ryan Poe, Director of Technology Solutions at Electrosonic, spoke with Fusion host Daniel Litwin on the topic.

In this 39-minute podcast, they discussed the many trends and what’s shaping the future of AV experience technology. Poe offered his expert takes on this, including his impressions from the 2022 ISE show.

You will discover:

  • What were the key trends and themes of the show? (7:02)
  • What impact will immersive audio solutions have on the industry? (13:42)
  • How is XR shaping and defining the limits of today's most cutting edge AV installations? (17:57)
  • How will AI allow for more personalized and immersive experiences? (22:39)

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