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53 MIN

Unpacking the XR Revolution

Which type of Extended Reality (XR) is underpinning your experiences – Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality? Whatever it is, be prepared for more as XR promises to take the revolution further and deliver even greater benefits to businesses and individuals. XR doesn't just blur the boundaries of physical and virtual worlds, it opens the prospects of extraordinary new experiences.

In this 53-minute podcast, Electrosonic thought leaders Maurizio Capuzzo, CMO, and Yiannis Cabolis, Director of Technical Innovation, explore the exciting potential of the different types of XR. They go beyond the hype to find sweet spots where each technology can add value and enhance the human experience. From a practical perspective, they show how audio visual, content, creativity and networks come together with XR technologies to create the next generation of experiences in a cost-effective way as the technology matures.

Listen in to find out:

  • The differences between XR types and their potential? (2:15)
  • The application of Virtual Reality (7:24)
  • The application of Augmented Reality (14:20)
  • The application of Mixed Reality (24:49)
  • Audio visual's leadership role in the growth of XR adoption (28:30)
  • XR's contribution to the experience economy (40:33)
  • The future shape of XR (46:25)

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