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25 MIN

What You Need to Know About Control Rooms

Control rooms or command centers play a critical role in monitoring and managing critical assets. Control room technology, in the shape of enhanced connectivity and improved collaboration tools, has given operators the power and flexibility to identify and respond to incidents much faster, reducing costs and increasing uptime.

In this 25-minute podcast, Electrosonic's Douglas Walker and Robert Mann use their vast experience developing high-tech control room solutions to explain the transformations that are taking place in the control environment. They emphasize the importance of human factors in control room design and show through examples of North Sea oil control centers why distance is no longer important in managing operations efficiently.

You will learn:

  • The industry changes and technology evolution that have positively impacted the control room (1:45)
  • The factors influencing control room transformation in the oil and gas industries (5:15)
  • How control room investments have positively impacted the oil and gas industries through cost reductions, new efficiencies, improved communications and greater safety (8:00)
  • The key design considerations in developing an oil and gas control room solution (11:10)
  • How to effectively integrate analog and digital systems in the new control room environment (16:54)
  • Which technological or business changes are most influential in driving the continued evolution of the control room (20:30)

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