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52 MIN

Why the Power of Collaboration Can Transform the Themed Entertainment Industry

Collaboration has long been a driving force in the themed entertainment industry, but it has gained new urgency as the industry emerges from the pandemic. Operators recognize the value of IP in attracting visitors, but they need to take that IP a stage further to go beyond what visitors experience at home. Collaboration between creative teams and technology companies is key to turning that IP into immersive, personalized experiences that engage visitors.

In this 52-minute podcast, Craig Hanna, founder and Chief Creative Officer of experience design firm Thinkwell, and Les Hill, Senior Account Manager at Electrosonic, discuss how collaboration can enable operators to meet changing visitor expectations, while maintaining safety. They show how integrating mobile devices with displays or using mobile devices for touchless interactivity can augment their physical attractions and enhance the visitor experience.

You will discover:

  • How collaboration can help operators overcome the creative and technical challenges in leveraging IP (3:40)
  • Why 'invisible technology' is essential to support magical storytelling in themed attractions (12:55)
  • How Super Nintendo World is using interactivity to create enhanced experiences (19:50)
  • Why mobile devices will play an increasingly important role in creating personalized experiences (35:50)
  • Why collaboration is a major driver of success in themed entertainment (40:55)

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