‘A Digital Journey of Surprises’ at Newark Liberty International Airport’s Terminal A

Multimedia placemaking installations transform the passenger experience and showcase New Jersey as a prime destination for travelers.

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The new Terminal A at Newark International Airport had an ambitious goal to provide world-class passenger experience and showcase the best of New Jersey.

With four new large-scale multimedia installations, Terminal A achieves this by taking travelers on an immersive ‘Digital Journey of Surprises.’ Travelers encounter a 230-foot LED welcome banner, ‘Forest of Firsts’ LED pylons towering up to 30 feet, a 12-foot-high ‘NJ’ digital sculpture and 33 informative yet fun LED gateway pylons.

Placemaking content blends entertainment with operational information to create a seamless passenger experience that elevates the airport’s brand and highlights the uniqueness of New Jersey as a destination for travelers. Moment Factory led the creative work and design intent which Electrosonic realized through complex engineering, integration and support.

Photos courtesy of Moment Factory


The ‘Digital Journey of Surprises’ offers a warm New Jersey welcome and pays homage to the Garden State’s history, architecture, it's people and iconic character.

As passengers enter the departure hall, they see a massive 230-foot by 8-foot LED banner, integrated with the architecture above the check-in line. This show-stopping digital canvas is a dynamic storytelling medium that creates surprising transitions from above to a series of New Jersey-themed vignettes.

In the retail hall, travelers encounter the ‘Forest of Firsts.’ Eight towering multimedia LED pillars, ranging from 14 to 28 feet high, engaging travelers with dynamic images that celebrate the state’s spirit of innovation in science and literature. 

At the departure gates, 33 triangular digital pylons connect to the airport's FIDS System. The pylons feature LED on two faces to communicate a mix of practical flight information, intuitive boarding cues and fun-filled New Jersey facts, quizzes and trivia.

When incoming passengers reach the Welcome Center, a huge ‘NJ’ sign over 12-feet high dominates the space. With a light-pulsing LED outline, the letters attract attention, creating an unmissable statement about the destination.                                     


To engage passengers and communicate the spirit of New Jersey effectively, the technology had to be impactful, informative and entertaining with a wide range of dynamic content that could be easily updated. 

Installing and integrating the solution across a space of more than one million square feet required advanced engineering skills to control all the multimedia content, route cabling efficiently with minimal disruption to terminal operations and ensure continuous reliable operation.


Electrosonic was appointed by Moment Factory. Together, they led a team of content producers, experience designers, fabricators and partners. Moment Factory led creative work, video content production and design intent which Electrosonic realized through completion - from ideation through design and integration to support and maintenance. Electrosonic took responsibility for audiovisual and control system design, detailed engineering, system integration, commissioning, training and on-site support. 


The Digital Journey of Surprises has transformed the passenger experience, providing travelers the chance to encounter the iconic spirit of New Jersey’s people, landmarks and innovations at every stage of their visit.

The new technology installations create a seamless experience that engages, informs and entertains passengers with the spirit of New Jersey, boosting regional business and tourism to put New Jersey on the map.

Project Details

Munich Airport NJ LLC
Moment Factory, Nanolumens, Pixera, Smart Monkeys
Newark, New Jersey
1 million sq.ft
Digital Communications
Immersive Media Walls
AV and Control System Design
Audio, Video & Control Systems
Build & System Integration
Technology Master Planning
Engineering & Technical Direction
Managed Services
Electrosonic played a key role in the implementation of the Newark Airport multimedia installations. Their deep expertise in AV technologies and their local field experience were instrumental in meeting the project’s tight timeline and budget. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with them!
Mikael Charpin
Unit General Manager of Cities at Moment Factory
Departure Hall A 230-foot by 8-foot LED banner provides a show-stopping digital storytelling medium that celebrates the best of New Jersey.
Forest of Firsts Eight towering multimedia LED pillars create a centerpiece that explores the state’s spirit of innovation in science and literature.
Welcome Center A 12-foot-high ‘NJ’ sign with an LED outline around the letters pulses with light, attracting attention and making an unmissable statement about New Jersey.


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