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An immersive digital portal sparks the imagination and sets a mood of expectation in a historic public library.

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The public library in Whittier, California has added an exciting new dimension to the library experience. A colorful LED portal with animated digital content on both sides immerses visitors as they pass between different sections of the library.

The digital portal is part of an ambitious program to breathe new life into this important community resource following a two-year major renovation and expansion of the library’s facilities. The adoption of experiential technology is recognition of the changing expectations of library users as they have become more familiar with technology in their daily lives.

Electrosonic managed the careful integration and installation of this exciting new feature, working in partnership with display manufacturers SNA Displays and content producers Render Impact to create a memorable experience for visitors of all ages.



The portal links the main area of the library with the children’s section, providing a bright, imaginative entrance for visitors and making a strong statement about the transformation of the historic 60-year-old building.

The portal consists of two double-sided LED columns, each two and a half feet wide connected at right angles by an overhead LED section. The three sections together create a brief immersive experience as visitors pass through.

The LED video display system processes more than 2.3 million pixels creating an attractive non-standard canvas for dynamic visual content on both sides of the portal.

Content is engaging, high quality and designed to appeal to visitors of different ages without interrupting their experience at the library. There is a 3-D animated underwater scene brought to life through the unreal engine, a collection of historic images of the city of Whittier, a playful 3-D art deco bookshelf and a tranquil nature scene featuring the library’s mascot Leo the Lion.

Developing the LED portal involved continuous collaboration between the library and project team to ensure the portal would meet the library’s vision, as well as the practical and technical requirements.


The library wanted to introduce experiential technology that would harmonize with the historic building. The portal was designed to be an integral part of the library so it had to be carefully integrated with the surrounding walls and passageway, as well as the overall architecture of the building.

Power and data cabling required careful routing in a busy library space, while adequate ventilation was essential to balance the optimum temperature for operational efficiency and a comfortable environment for visitors.


The library selected Electrosonic to provide the experiential technology solution. Electrosonic brought SNA Displays into the project to manufacture the LED display and Render Impact to provide the digital content. Electrosonic procured the systems and managed the installation and integration of the portal, collaborating throughout with the architects as well as the technology and content partners. Careful installation and integration ensured that the portal maximized the experience while minimizing disruption to visitors.


The library has an exciting new experience that enhances the historic building while appealing to both traditional users and a younger digital-savvy generation. The digital portal brings new life to an important area of the library, sparking the imagination and creating a sense of anticipation among visitors. It makes an important addition to the library’s enhanced facilities, improving the overall experience for visitors.

Project Details

Whittier Public Library
SNA Displays, Render Impact
Whittier, California
13’ x 10’ LED
Build & System Integration
Audiovisual/Control System Design
Fabrication, Installation/Integration
Project Management
CAD & BIM Engineering
Technical Direction & Procurement
Commissioning & Programming
System Quality Control
Digital displays in public areas like this are ideal for sparking the imagination and setting the right mood. I’m excited for visitors of the library to experience the new visual technology.
Mikell Senger
Senior Project Manager, SNA Displays
Digital Canvas The LED portal provides a unique double-sided digital canvas for displaying high-impact content that engages visitors on both sides of the arch.
Dynamic Content The LED video technology processes more than 2.3 million pixels enabling rich content including 3-D images, animations and computer-generated imagery.
Sensitive Integration The digital portal is an experiential technology solution that is carefully integrated with the architectural fabric of this historic building.


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