Funko Flagship Store

A massive immersive retail location illustrates the power of the entertainment-ification of brick-and-mortar stores.

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Funko has opened up a 40,000-square-foot retail location in Hollywood. The massive store is designed to create engaging experiences for fans with Instagram-worthy photo opportunities and games.

The company understood that consumers are looking for experiences when they visit retail outlets. They recognized that they had to find new and innovative ways to connect people to their favorite entertainment through fan experiences, as well as digital and physical goods. Without that presence, the Funko brand cannot live on.

Electrosonic collaborated with Funko Capital Projects to create an exciting space filled with eye catching displays that would immerse customers in the retail space and grab the attention of passersby. Customers experience the brand in a way that simply cannot be replicated in other retail environments, physical or online.


The Funko store features life-size versions of Pop! figures like Fred Flintstone, Thanos, Captain Crunch, Batman and Superman. The space is arranged in individual hubs that also include other multi-billion dollar cinematic entities such as Star Wars, Disney animation, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and gaming entities such as Fortnite.

To complement the popular characters and create a more immersive experience, Electrosonic designed, installed and commissioned multiple LED displays using both Nanolumens and Unilumin technology.

The solution includes a 12-feet diameter hanging halo display, a 12 feet x 16 feet video wall, two half-column wrap displays and a large marquee display above the point of sale in the store. 

Electrosonic also designed, installed and commissioned a large-format projection system and screen and digital signage, as well as a rack and control system for all of the technology.

The system is designed to be simple to operate with the facility to easily change or update content whenever it’s needed. The solution helps bring the characters to life and creates an immersive experience that gives the store entertainment value that strongly promotes the Funko brand.


Electrosonic’s role was to realize Funko’s vision for an entertaining immersive experience that would excite their customers throughout the massive 44,000 square feet retail space and attract attention on the street.

As well as the sheer scale of the project, the team had to develop, install and commission the solution against an extremely tight turnaround time. The solution had to be extremely reliable, simple to control and easy to update with new content.


Electrosonic worked closely with the Funko team and the contractors on site, helping them to understand the technical requirements of an audiovisual installation. The installation and commissioning teams were able to deliver a seamless project within the tight timescale. The solution takes full advantage of the life-size characters to blend the unique architecture of the store with storytelling and technology to create a fun immersive experience for visitors of all ages.


The Hollywood location is Funko’s second retail outlet. It’s located in the mecca of entertainment and is designed to create a customer experience that will help build the brand through the customer’s eyes.

Both stores speak to the growing trend of companies using retail space as a physical entertainment venue to promote the brand. Considered ‘retail-tainment’ locations, these outlets are just as much an activity center as a store.

Project Details

Funko Capital Projects
Hollywood, California
40,000 sq.ft
Technology Design Consulting
Audio Visual Design
Control System Design
Build & System Integration
Audio Video & Control Systems
Large Format Projection
Digital Signage
Video Wall
The aim is for us always to have a presence. If we don’t have a presence, then the brand can’t live on. The Hollywood store is truly where all fandoms can exist in the Funko world and bring it more to life than purely being a transaction. It’s a customer experience.
Molly Hartney
Chief Marketing Officer, Funko


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