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49 MIN

How Managed Services Support the Lifecycle of Your Systems

Technology and audio visual solutions improve productivity and support effective collaboration, but the workload that's required to manage them is putting a heavy burden on internal resources. Managed services provide an alternative to internal services, helping to maximize uptime, keep employees connected and productive and free internal teams for more strategic tasks.

In this 50-minute podcast, technical solutions specialists Todd Miller and Graham Baker describe the challenges facing IT and explain how a lack of service can prove disruptive to business and shorten asset life. They describe three key products in Electrosonic's Managed Services portfolio Affinity, which offers on-site managed services, Panorama, a proactive service and maintenance program and Vista, a holistic approach to enabling workspace collaboration. Together they provide full lifecycle support for key technology assets.

You will learn:

  • Why managed services are essential to keep systems up and running (8:40)
  • The scope and benefits of Affinity (11:42)
  • The impact of increasingly complex support needs on internal teams (15:00)
  • The scope and benefits of Panorama (21:03)
  • The scope and benefits of Vista (31:10)
  • How managed services enhance the benefits of other technology solutions (41:50)

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