Advanced experience technologies recreate the atmosphere, sights and stories of Iceland’s ancient origins.

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FlyOver Iceland is one of a series of flight ride experiences that provides guests with an exhilarating flight simulation over some of Iceland’s most iconic natural wonders and picturesque scenery.

Before the ‘flight’, guests are immersed in a two-part preride experience that explores the role of nature, time and people on the island. The multi-sensory spaces create a fascinating introductory experience to build anticipation and complement the FlyOver experience. 

Electrosonic worked in partnership with Esja Attractions and Smart Monkeys to implement the technology to realize the client’s creative vision for the pre-ride experience. By engineering and integrating specialist audio, video, projection, control and lighting systems for the immersive multimedia experience, Electrosonic helped create an attraction that inspires and delights visitors.


FlyOver Iceland is one of Iceland’s first major entertainment venues, housed in an iconic building that features an illuminated cylindrical theater for the ride and immersive spaces for the pre-show experiences and retail areas.

The first pre-ride experience features an ancient Viking longhouse, recreated by scenography and an integrated video content screen. Here, a storyteller gives guests an insight into the powerful influence of Iceland’s past with shadow-play projections illustrating the stories on the wall of the longhouse.

In the second experience, the Well of Time, guests meet Su Vitra, a troll inspired by local legends. The troll gives guests a poetic vision of Iceland through two unique adventures to ignite the imagination and set the scene for the flight.

The troll’s stories are illustrated by projections that animate the floor and content projected on suspended kinetic screen, immersing the guests.

Recreating the atmospheric pre-show spaces required sophisticated projection techniques and advanced show control techniques to manage the complex lighting and immersive content. Electrosonic used Smart Monkeys’ innovative ISAAC virtualized platform for Medialon show control. This system coordinates the operation of the ride, preshow spaces and the overall building.


Pursuit appointed Electrosonic to engineer and integrate the specialist audiovisual, projection and control systems for the immersive pre-show experiences. The pre-show designers required special audio and projection techniques to recreate the unique environment of an Icelandic longhouse, but without making the technology obvious to the audience. As this was Iceland’s first major entertainment attraction, the project team had to guide local contractors on specialist requirements.


Electrosonic was responsible for project management and finalizing the engineering of the audio, video, projection, controls and lighting systems for the pre-show experiences. We also procured and fabricated the equipment cabinets and supervised installation on site by local contractors, commissioning the systems on site and training local operators.

Hidden technology with careful positioning of projection and audio equipment helped to maintain the imaginative atmosphere of the pre-show areas.


FlyOver Iceland is the first FlyOver attraction outside of North America. The pre-show areas use innovative technologies to create an immersive experience that recreates the sense and sights of an ancient land.

The pre-show areas are an integral part of the whole FlyOver experience. They don’t just build anticipation for the ride; they help to inform guests so they can appreciate how the past shaped what they are about to see.

Project Details

Reykjavik, Iceland
50,000 sq.ft
Build & System Integration
Specialty Projection, Audio & Acoustics
Audio, Video & Control Systems
Detailed Engineering (CAD & BIM)
Project Management
Installation & Integration
System Programming
Facility Impact
From the pre-ride experiences highlighting Icelandic culture, history and folklore to the visually stunning flight ride to far reaching landscapes, we are excited to share this immersive story with both locals and visitors alike.
Agnes Gunnarsdóttir
General Manager, FlyOver Iceland


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