Pirate Ship ‘Serendipity’ Attraction at Give Kids the World Village

All aboard for a magical multimedia experience on the pirate ship ‘Serendipity.’

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‘Give Kids the World Village’ is an 89-acre, non-profit ‘storybook’ resort in Central Florida. Here, children with life threatening illnesses and their families from around the world are treated to weeklong, cost-free vacations. Since 1986 it has welcomed more than 176,000 families from 76 countries.

At the center of the village is ‘Serendipity’, a themed pirate ship that acts as a fully accessible stage for ‘drive-in movies’ or other forms of outdoor entertainment, such as the weekly ‘Once upon a Village’ party. Onboard is a large LED wall that provides, multimedia content for special events and a high quality display for movie screenings.

Electrosonic partnered with SNA Displays to integrate the LED wall, taking responsibility for design, installation, integration and commissioning.


The large-format EMPIRE™ Exterior LED wall by SNA Displays measures 9’10” tall by 16’5” wide and contains more than 980,000 pixels. It features an extremely tight 3.91 mm pixel pitch and a 16:9 aspect ratio that provides an ideal viewing format for the Village’s movie events.

A key feature of the direct-view LED wall is that content is visible throughout the day. This means that it can be used for events in any light conditions – a major improvement from the previous situation in the Village when projection could only be used at night.

The outdoor LED display is weatherized to protect against the elements and feature High Brightness LED technology that allows them to be viewable in Florida’s bright sunlit conditions. 

The LED wall is built for continuous reliable all-day operation with minimal maintenance requirements and is designed for easy control and monitoring using an intuitive control solution developed by Electrosonic.

The LED wall is capable of displaying the full spectrum of multimedia content, including video, graphics, special effects and other digital imagery. This means it is flexible enough to provide any type of experience a child wants to enjoy. The LED wall forms an integral part of the fun interactive elements on board ‘Serendipity’ including an animated parrot and interactive ship’s wheel.


The Village team wanted a cost-effective outdoor LED wall solution that could be integrated with a stationary pirate ship, be visible all day long in the bright conditions of central Florida and continue to operate reliably over the long term. The LED wall had to be capable of displaying different types of content and provide a flexible, dynamic display platform for the variety of events in the Village’s entertainment program. It also had to be simple to control and maintain by the local team.


Collaboration between Electrosonic and SNA Displays was key to the success of the project. The LED wall met the operational and environmental requirements and Electrosonic worked closely with SNA Displays to install, integrate and commission their wall.

The LED wall is an integral part of the ‘Serendipity’ stage. It can provide background displays to add to the atmosphere of the pirate ship, create exciting displays to support any of the special events on the stage or act as the centerpiece of the ‘drive-in movie’ experience.


The ‘Serendipity’ project has proved a welcome addition to the many attractions of the Village. Children love to play in the fun environment of the pirate ship and enjoy their own ‘drive-in movie’ facility that’s accessible to all.

An important feature of the Village is its commitment to offering the children almost anything they wish for. The LED wall gives the team the flexibility to adapt the display to children’s individual wishes.

Project Details

Give Kids the World Village
Kissimmee, Florida
9'10" x 16'5" Video Wall
Build & System Integration
Project Management
Detailed Engineering
Factory Acceptance Testing
Installation & Integration
System Commissioning
System Programming
We are very excited to have this display technology as a dynamic communications piece visible at all times of the day and are very appreciative to SNA Displays and Electrosonic.
Pamela Landwirth
President & CEO, Give Kids the World


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