Jaxon & The Exchange at AT&T Discovery

Electrosonic’s technology design for a restaurant and food hall creates an entertaining social space that elevates guest experience.

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Electrosonic’s audio, video, control system and ICT design for The AT&T Discovery District has helped create an immersive mixed-use development and a prime destination for the community of downtown Dallas, Texas. A key part of the placemaking for guests at the Discovery District is the 10,000 sq ft food and beverage spaces that include ‘Jaxon Texas Kitchen & Beer Garden’ and ‘The Exchange Food Hall.’ 

This is a new lifestyle destination that redefines the hospitality of a downtown space. It blends exceptional food and beverages with innovative technologies to create a unique space for socializing. Audio, lighting and video create an inviting guest experience that raises the bar for restaurants, bars and food halls. 

Electrosonic worked in partnership with Gensler, designing the complete audio, video, control system and Information and communication technology (ICT) system for Jaxon and The Exchange using the latest BIM modeling tools.


Electrosonic brought two of The Discovery District’s restaurant areas to life with technology that sets new standards in guest experience. In addition to designing the audio, video, control and ICT solution, Electrosonic worked with AT&T and Gensler through the build and integration phases to ensure the design intent was maintained. 

The first of these two restaurants is the Jaxon Texas Kitchen, comprised of an indoor restaurant and outdoor Beer Garden, visually linked by LED technology that flows across architectural trellises. 

Guests can enjoy sports, bands performing on an outdoor stage or video streamed from other areas of The District on 85-inch displays in Jaxon’s event space or watch content on The Media Wall on the adjacent building. Outdoor and indoor displays with foreground music speakers heighten the experience and create a consistently lively atmosphere. On the second floor is a conference and banquet area that has both indoor and outdoor seating and facilities for small to medium catered events with background audio and displays for presentations. 

The 2-story food hall called ‘The Exchange’ accommodates 16 eateries and 2 bars. There are zoned speakers and 75-inch displays where guests can enjoy streamed content, as well as digital signage and menu boards. 

The audio systems deliver a curated and inviting soundscape, interconnected to the rest of The District. This allows the AT&T team to play separate tracks or the same audio across the entire District. Video is also interconnected so content can be routed between a massive outdoor display known as The Media Wall and the monitors in both Jaxon and The Exchange.


AT&T wanted to create an inclusive and engaging experience in The Discovery District by providing a welcoming environment for the public, as well as AT&T employees and visitors. The technology in the restaurant and food hall is a key facilitator for the guest experience, providing atmosphere, art and information. Electrosonic’s role was to support key partners and their creative vision by providing ongoing design consulting with custom audio, video, control system and ICT design. 

This required deep knowledge of the technologies that would be used to create the visuals, soundscape and the control system to ensure seamlessness for the project. It also required an understanding of complex audiovisual technologies and the telecommunications technology necessary to support it. 


Electrosonic guided the design with cutting-edge technology options. This involved guidance on the best technology hardware for the specific applications and the intent for the space. Electrosonic created the technology drawing packages and reviewed the selected integrator’s on-site work and final drawings to ensure the design intent was maintained. Electrosonic developed the specific hardware technology and system design, then acted as a consultant during the entire integration and build process to ensure the system could deliver the creative vision with reliability. Throughout the build process, Electrosonic assisted Gensler to ensure the vision and quality of the activations was maintained and that the experience came to life as intended. 


Jaxon and The Exchange represent a new generation of bars and restaurants where technology integrated with the architecture raises the bar for the quality of the guest and vendor experience. 

Electrosonic’s ability to provide intensive technology design and consulting and lead with Technology Master Planning™ and infrastructural technology design supported the audio, video, ICT and control systems that created a high-quality, curated guest and vendor experience. Our deep technical experience with designing solutions for alluring hospitality and digital activation projects brought the restaurants and bars to life. 

Project Details

Dallas, Texas
10,000 sq.ft
Technology Master Planning™
AV & Control Systems Design
ICT Design
Network Infrastructure Design
Broadcast Infrastructure Design
Digital Signage & Menu Boards
Specialty & Distributed Audio
Content Distribution
These hospitality spaces are captivating and they create an energized destination. The audio system, the video and the lighting were incredibly important to create a variety of atmospheres and an enjoyable guest experience, which is very much of the place and the featured vendors.
Erika Kulbach
Strategic Partner Manager, Electrosonic
Southern Hospitality LED displays on architectural trellises link the technology inside Jaxon with the Beer Garden outside, creating a seamless guest experience.
Alluring Social Spaces Audio, video and atmospheric lighting takes the environment in The Discovery District’s restaurants and bars to new levels, creating a tasteful but compelling social space for the 2020s.
Complete Design Complex interconnection and a sophisticated technology backbone enable Jaxon and The Exchange to share soundscapes and video content with the rest of The Discovery District.


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