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Design and build a new corporate headquarters for a company that Walmart later acquired for $3.3 billion — sounds like a ‘vanilla’ project. No chance when the company is, the ecommerce retailer that set out to shake up the online grocery industry and challenge Amazon head on.

The corporate headquarters in downtown Hoboken reflects that personality — quirky, bright and friendly with bold graphics throughout and the signature color is purple. The emphasis is on a space that’s lively and fun but hard-working too.

Electrosonic created an environment for collaboration and productivity in the new headquarters. Employees working in small teams or communicating with suppliers, partners and customers can access real-time data and presentation and collaboration tools wherever they are working. It’s a lively, fun environment that fuels success.


Founded in 2015, grew rapidly and sold to the world’s biggest retailer just 13 months later. Behind that success is a company culture and work style that’s dynamic, engaging and fun — more start-up than corporate giant. had its own personality and when Walmart acquired it, the strategy was to create a path forward that ‘let Jet be Jet.’

Teamwork and collaboration have been crucial to the company’s success, so the new headquarters had to make that a core element.

Accessible, user-friendly presentation and collaboration technology is everywhere – in huddle rooms, open work spaces with shared resources, customer experience labs and lounges and digital signage that makes internal communications and data sharing equally accessible.

A boardroom with sophisticated videoconferencing has its place, but there is more emphasis on equipping huddle rooms where small teams can hold informal meetings. Mobility within the office is the norm – working at the desk, in communal areas or in huddle rooms.

LED wall signage displaying sales data or communicating internal messages isn’t just functional; it reflects the bright bold graphic treatment of the whole area by integrating technology seamlessly with the architecture of the building.

CHALLENGE wanted to create an environment for collaboration and productivity. The audiovisual systems had to be easy to set up and use with consistent interfaces and user experience throughout. The solution had to be flexible enough to work effectively in many different work spaces from large meeting rooms and a boardroom to small huddle spaces and open communal areas.

The project had to be completed against tight deadlines so employees could hit the ground running when the initial headquarters build was complete.


Electrosonic’s holistic solution covered space design, audiovisual engineering, project management, commissioning plus systems and user training. The project covered audiovisual installations for a boardroom, 16 huddle rooms, 4 large meeting rooms, a customer experience lab and lounge area and a projection area for all-hands meetings, together with data-fed LED walls for sales figures and announcements. Plug-in functionality and intuitive set up created a productive collaboration suite.


Integrating technology with the headquarters’ unique architecture provided with a seamless solution that reflected company culture - hard working but fun.

By careful planning and completion in phases, the solution enabled employees to collaborate effectively from day one in a flexible, dynamic, engaging work environment. Systems and user training ensured that users and support teams could get the greatest benefit from the installation.

Project Details

Hoboken, New Jersey
80,000 sq.ft
Audiovisual Design
Engineering Design
Facility Integration
Fabrication & Installation
Control Systems
Testing & Programming
Systems & User Training
This was a design-build opportunity for a high-profile .com company and location, which incorporated a true collaboration with interior and construction design, along with a detailed hands-on approach with the client. The result created a unique, innovative and forward-thinking agile workspace a few years ahead of the concept taking hold in larger collaboration implementations – an overall success of planning, design and functionality.
Steve Vincent
Account Manager, Electrosonic

Photos courtesy of Sarah Jacobs / Business Insider.


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