Projection mapping, audio and lighting enhance a community space, celebrating Orlando's attractions through captivating placemaking.

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For residents, workers and visitors of downtown Orlando, technology is transforming a community space into a vibrant must-see destination

During the 20-minute show, the 3D sculpture evolves into a dynamic digital canvas. This captivating display showcases cultural aspects of the city, such as nature, innovation and hospitality. 

Electrosonic designed, engineered and integrated the technical infrastructure, projection and audio systems, working in collaboration with local media production company, MDSX. The result is an engaging centerpiece for the city and an unforgettable experience for visitors.


At the heart of the 2-acre park stands the ORLANDO sculpture surrounded by six speakers and two projectors specially crafted to withstand Florida’s unpredictable weather. At dusk, Luminary Nights on the Green begins, illuminating the once static sculpture with vibrant projection mapped images that celebrate Orlando's stunning natural landscapes and the multitude of attractions that define it as a world-class destination. Precision engineering ensures that the images project clearly onto individual letters or seamlessly across the entire sculpture.

Illustrating an abundance of content, a multi-show spectacular including a one-minute segment known as ‘Awakening’ showcases the community cultural projects that reflect the city’s brand – ‘Unbelievably Real’. Through a vibrant and visually immersive journey, ‘Awakening’ vividly communicates, along with the other sections of the show, what makes Orlando truly extraordinary, engaging visitors with its colorful narrative.

Pulsating audio and illuminating lights further enrich the experience, bringing the park to life with visually stunning projection mapping that harmonizes with music from six localized loudspeakers, ensuring minimal disturbance to local residents. The show's infrastructure prioritizes security, with projectors mounted on 12-foot-high columns, media securely stored in an enclosure and tall lighting posts adorning the public space.


Building the show infrastructure in a public space was the major challenge. The building and integration processes took place during evenings, with specific work areas cordoned off to ensure minimal disruption to the public. Additionally, audio spill had to be carefully managed to avoid disturbing residents while the projectors were mounted in specially designed enclosures that required careful environmental control to prevent damage from temperamental heat and humidity.


Electrosonic began with our previsualization service to assist the client in selecting the right technology. Through meticulous design and engineering, projection on every letter of the sculpture is precisely mapped. This meticulous process ensures a seamless and unified digital art projection. Effective project management enabled the team to design and install the required technology infrastructure, facilitating the successful execution of this complex, multi-step project.


Luminary Nights on the Green showcases the power of placemaking, demonstrating how experiential technology can transform a public space into an unmissable destination.

Projection mapping showcases the region's imagination and innovation, serving as a visual centerpiece for the city and highlights the attractions that make Orlando renowned. It also helps build community while providing an exhilarating experience for residents and visitors alike.

Project Details

City of Orlando
Orlando, Florida
Network Infrastructure Design
Speciality Projection
Audio & Acoustics
Project Management
Installation & Integration
CAD & BIM Modeling
System Programming
Our experience in designing placemaking spectacles enabled us to transform a public space into a vibrant destination that celebrates Orlando and creates an unforgettable experience for residents, workers and visitors.
Les Hill
Senior Account Manager, Electrosonic
Localized audio coverage Localized speakers face inwards, beaming audio into the show space and minimizing disturbance to neighboring properties.
Mapped precision Projection mapped content illuminates each letter of the sculpture seamlessly to create one unified epic show.
Climate engineering Custom-designed enclosures fitted with special air conditioning systems prevent projector damage by heat and humidity.


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