An innovative passenger experience helps Los Angeles International Airport compete as a world-class destination.

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Tom Bradley International at LAX is one of the world’s busiest airport terminals serving as the initial and final impression of Los Angeles for approximately nine million travelers annually, emphasizing the significance of providing an exceptional passenger experience.

This terminal has elevated the passenger experience by implementing an Integrated Environmental Media System (IEMS), where seven seamlessly integrated digital media features offer passengers both entertainment and crucial information.

Electrosonic, in partnership with Sardi Design, Moment Factory, MRA International, Digital Kitchen and Smart Monkeys, played a central role in coordinating and carrying out detailed engineering and system integration. The results are a stunning, world-class experience integrated with the terminal’s passenger activity.

Photos courtesy of Moment Factory


This first-of-its-kind IEMS establishes ground-breaking benchmarks for airport media systems, introducing an integrated environmental experience that harnesses real-time data, while also pushing the boundaries of technical innovation.

With seven key media features, each space enhances a different aspect of the passenger experience. Arriving at LAX? A massive Welcome Wall displays scenes of greeting and stunning atmospherics.

On the opposite side, The Bon Voyage Wall provides a unique send-off with images expressing LA’s diversity, creativity and energy. In the center of the terminal a 72-foot high Time Tower entertains and informs a universal world clock creating a three-dimensional representation of 24 global time zones. Behind the Time Tower, find flight information on the Destination Board to create a duo synergy that connects mission-critical information with multimedia storytelling. Further into the terminal, a 120-foot-long Story Board displays content based on the art traditions of destination cities around the world.

On either side of the terminal, visitors experience The Portals, 10 pylons on each side that guide you to your destination with mesmerizing multimedia art. This unique terminal offers an all-inclusive experience, making it unsurprising to hear rumors of visitors purchasing tickets solely to enjoy the experience!


With numerous groundbreaking possibilities on the horizon, achieving a successful integrated solution took careful coordination and communication. The project team faced the challenge of seamlessly integrating a range of advanced multimedia features and systems into the airport’s operations and security processes. Additionally, the team navigated the complexities of minimizing disruptions and ensuring security in a bustling public space.


Electrosonic used technology as the differentiating overlay to space with media features custom designed to realize individual creative visions within an integrated framework. The solution draws on many disciplines – designers, architects, content producers display vendors and systems integrators - and takes multiple creative visions from concept to reality by fusing technology, architecture and storytelling.


With a focus on meticulous attention to detail and effective time management, this intricate project took over two years to reach completion. The implementation of the IEMS is instrumental in maintaining the airport operator's status as the leading international gateway on the US West Coast. It offers the exceptional passenger experience that is crucial for attracting both airlines, retailers and passengers to international airports.

Project Details

Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles, California
1,790,000 sq.ft
Facility Integration
Fabrication & Installation
Cable Infrastructure
Audiovisual & Control Systems
Specialty Audio
LED Walls
Testing & Programming
The Tom Bradley International Terminal is the first and last impression nine million travelers have of Los Angeles, giving them the first-class airport experience they expect from a world-class city.
Antonio Villaraigosa
Former Mayor of Los Angeles
A Sky of Displays Multiple displays create a stunning mixture of art and passenger information to elevate the travel experience.
Backend Control A seamless integration that ensures the timely distribution of information and essential details reflected on multimedia installations throughout the terminal.
Destination Storytelling Captivating multimedia art immerses visitors in a visual narrative that unravels the essence and allure of travel.


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