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How new technology changes the way fans engage with sports

Technology presents sports franchises with a vital opportunity to expand their fan base, enhance loyalty and boost revenue. It's reshaping the sports experience, not just within stadiums but also by reaching a wider audience beyond the venue's confines.


Brandon Harp

Brandon Harp, Senior Business Development Manager at Electrosonic focuses on Airports, Transportation, Corporate and Retail verticals. He has a unique ability to look at technology through a creative lens with a consistent passion and determination to develop innovative and impactful solutions for clients. Brandon quickly identifies challenges and pain points by listening and communicating effectively. He is a knowledge expert, a problem solver, a thought leader, and a trusted advisor who always keeps the client’s best interests at heart. Brandon understands the importance of design, architecture, content, storytelling and experience and he is constantly looking for new and innovative ways of pushing the boundaries around what is possible.