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How new technology changes the way fans engage with sports

Technology presents sports franchises with a vital opportunity to expand their fan base, enhance loyalty and boost revenue. It's reshaping the sports experience, not just within stadiums but also by reaching a wider audience beyond the venue's confines.


Jeremy Lee

Jeremy has been involved in audio his entire life and has been doing it professionally since 1994. He has designed sound in theatres from Broadway to Bogota and from Syracuse to Singapore. After spending a decade in New York City as a designer and Broadway associate, he spent 5 years running the Sound Design program at the University of Cincinnati. Since relocating to Los Angeles, he has designed an episodic podcast for Shudder/AMC, acted as an Audiovisual Supervisor at Universal Studios Hollywood, and been a Pro Audio Systems Sales Manager. Jeremy is always learning new technology, but balancing that thirst for the new with trust in the old.