January 9, 2019

Choosing a Technical Services Provider with a Robust Partner Ecosystem

A variety of expertise is required when constructing a new building that incorporates an immersive experience. Technical design services may not be the first need that comes to mind. However, choosing a technical design services provider with a strong partner ecosystem early on can help the entire project run more smoothly and help ensure a successful outcome.

Building an immersive experience requires extensive coordination between technical design, experiential design, digital content, system integration and exhibit fabrication. No single vendor delivers all of these services, so companies must hire and manage multiple firms to build out a project. Choosing a provider with a robust partner ecosystem streamlines this effort by increasing efficiency, quality control, productivity and communication while reducing overall costs and time spent.

“Digging deeper into our partner relationships and finding where we can be of most value to our clients is key to a successful project outcome. A client’s pain points are triggered when there are multiple points of contact involved in a project. Our solution to have a single point of coordination allows the project to be more cost effective and efficient,” says Morgan Rottinghaus, the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Electrosonic. “We have aligned ourselves with partners who share the same goals, company values, creative vision, sense of quality and most of all are just good folks to be around.” Our clients can see the positive impact it creates immediately. Even things like creating budgets for multiple disciplines are easier, because clients are dealing with one provider instead of four.”

When service providers have a deep relationship and understand the value each brings to a project, the providers can play to each other’s strengths. “When we meet with a client we are able to be more strategic and thoughtful in our conversations. There are often times where it isn’t always about technology first, but we can still show our value through our partnerships. These relationships give us the ability to throw away the box and be more creative in our approach,” says Rottinghaus.

A robust partner ecosystem also helps reduce project risk. When working with disparate providers, projects can easily go over budget or fail to meet expectations. “One company designs the media, but isn’t able to provide realistic budgeting for the hardware systems,” explains Rottinghaus. Because we have such great relationships with our partners, we can maintain the quality of the experience by having open and honest conversations surrounding realistic budgets and intent from day one.”

Building an immersive experience requires a variety of expertise. Ideally, the experts you choose work together to ensure the project’s success. You guarantee your service providers collaborate well—and make your job easier—by selecting a technical design services provider that has trusted relationships in the industry.

Morgan Rottinghaus

Morgan Rottinghaus, Vice President, Strategic Partners at Electrosonic, recognizes the critical role that partners play in delivering added value to clients. She writes about the importance of connecting complementary value-added services through partnerships as a way of accelerating innovation and maximizing the benefits of technology investments.