Electrosonic wins Public Sector Project of the Year Award

Electrosonic proudly announces its 2023 AV Award win for "Public Sector Project of the Year" for the transformative experiential technology solutions implemented at Orlando International Airport.

The award-winning project, recognized at the AV Awards 2023, redefines the airport passenger experience through large-scale digital installations and interactive technology, aimed at creating a memorable and stress-free environment for travelers, while showcasing Orlando's culture and beauty.

Significance of the AV Awards

The AV Awards stand as the pinnacle annual event in the audiovisual industry, bringing together professionals to commemorate a year of remarkable innovation. This gala signifies a collective celebration, encapsulating the spirit of industry excellence and acknowledging the strides made in audiovisual ingenuity.

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Industry recognition and prestige

The AV Awards serve as a symbolic benchmark, representing the pinnacle of achievement in the audio-visual industry. Winning an AV Award signifies not just individual accomplishment but industry-wide acknowledgment, elevating recipients to the status of trailblazers in the dynamic world of audiovisual innovation.

Catalyst for advancement and collaboration

Beyond the ceremony's glamour, AV Awards embody a commitment to advancing technology and inspiring innovation. As a symbol of excellence, they act as a catalyst, driving professionals and companies to continually push boundaries, foster collaboration, and contribute to the transformative evolution of the audio-visual landscape. The AV Awards represent a collective celebration of visionary achievements and a driving force propelling the industry towards new heights of creativity and technological prowess.

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Innovative solutions redefine airport passenger experience

Orlando International Airport (MCO), one of the world’s busiest airports, opened the new state-of-the-art Terminal C in 2022 to accommodate a planned expansion of passenger numbers. However, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority operators recognized that Orlando International Airport has to compete with other regional and national airports by establishing itself as a world-class destination through outstanding airport passenger experience. 

The airport passenger experience at Terminal C redefines the way experiential technology can transform an airport with two unique installations that make Orlando a memorable destination and make arrivals and departures as enjoyable and stress-free as possible: 

  • The ‘Moment Vault, an immersive, interactive experience, represents one of the most advanced experiential spaces in an airport. 
  • ‘Windows on Orlando’, three 16 feet x 30 feet screens, attract immediate attention with large-scale imagery celebrating the region. 

Windows on Orlando

When travelers first enter the terminal, they are drawn to ‘Windows on Orlando’ by the scale and impact of the stunning vista created by three 32-foot-high screens spanning 114 feet. 

They see video playback celebrating Orlando and central Florida with enticing large-scale imagery and audio replayed through transducers mounted to the screens. 

Windows on Orlando 4
Windows on Orlando 2
Windows on Orlando 5
Windows on Orlando 3
Windows on Orlando 1

Moment Vault

The ‘Moment Vault’ provides an exhilarating but tranquil airport experience. Six individual 15 feet x 35 feet LED screens mounted back-to-back in a circular shape create an immersive, interactive 360-degree space. The screens on the outside of the space can play different content from those on the inside, while the interior screens can also play audio synchronized with the high-resolution content.

Within the interior space, the ‘Moment Vault’ engages and amazes travelers with one of the most advanced experiential passenger spaces implemented in an airport. It combines 3D motion capture, interactive media servers, tracking technology and high-resolution digital content. The proprietary motion capture system generates a 3-dimensional estimate of the pose for each individual in the space, using the data to integrate virtual avatars of the visitors with the digital content in real-time. 

The ‘Moment Vault’ leverages breakthrough technology, photorealistic content and artificial intelligence software to create a unique digital installation that’s the first of its kind in an airport terminal. 

Moment Vault Photo 1
Moment Vault Photo 2
Moment Vault Photo 3
Moment Vault Photo 5
Moment Vault Photo 4

Experiential transformation

Each installation has its own identity that reflects the culture of Orlando and celebrates the beauty of Central Florida, one of the world’s richest ecosystems. The nature-based photorealistic content of each installation brings tranquility and peace to an environment that can be stressful, transforming Terminal C into an oasis of calm while seamlessly blending into the architecture itself.

Transforming the airport experience with experiential technology

This exhilarating space redefines how experience design and experiential technology can transform an international airport. It’s exciting and engaging and sets groundbreaking new standards for airport experience for the next decade. 

The solution has transformed an airport terminal into an immersive airport passenger experience where moments of magic create a positive attitude towards the airport, the operators and the city of Orlando, encouraging more passengers and airlines to fly to Orlando and through Orlando International Airport.


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Elevating airport experience standards

For Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, the outstanding passenger experience is essential in its drive to maintain Orlando International Airport’s position as a world-class destination and the premier airport in the region. 

The airport acts as a gateway to the region for the city of Orlando and the surrounding areas of Central Florida. The content on ‘Windows on Orlando’ and the ‘Moment Vault’ screens present an engaging picture of the region’s history, culture and attractions. Boosting traveler numbers through an enhanced airport passenger experience will significantly impact both tourism and business in the region.

Fostering positivity and growth

For travelers, this represents recognition of the importance of entertaining and informative facilities within an airport terminal. The installations provide thought-provoking moments that transform travelers’ relationships with the spaces they navigate. Through interactivity, the installations enable travelers to connect with their physical environment and explore the history and culture of the area that surrounds them.

Together, the ‘Moment Vault’ and ‘Windows on Orlando’ are helping Orlando International Airport retain and enhance its position as the premier gateway to the region.

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Meeting tough criteria

The AV Awards are the biggest and the best, held in extremely high regard throughout the industry. Launched in 1999 and based in the UK, they recognize outstanding achievements across the AV industry, ensuring the promotion of best practices and excellence. Electrosonic has received almost 30 awards in the 25-year history of the AV Awards. 

This year’s award program was extra special, celebrating 25 years of AV Awards. 

To merit an award, a project must meet tough criteria, including:

  • Evidence of innovation - What’s new and exciting about the project?
  • What has the project helped customers achieve?
  • Impact of the project - What effect has the project made on the customer’s business?
  • How has it delivered user benefit?
  • Green and sustainability credentials

Collaboration was key

Electrosonic integrated many innovative technologies as the differentiating overlay to space, architectural elements and the content of multiple stories, collaborating with experience and technology designers, content providers and the operator to realize their joint creative visions within an integrated framework. 

The immense scale and complexity of the two solutions required high levels of collaboration to design, engineer, integrate and control the installations. The close working relationships between Electrosonic and the other partners helped ensure technical continuity throughout the development and construction phase.

A team effort

The success of this remarkable project is due to the fantastic collaboration between our client Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, our partners Gentilhomme, Smart Monkeys, Float4, Saco, Hahn Integrated Services and the talented Electrosonic team of Kevin Mayfield - Project Manager, Jim Carmody - Design Engineer, Dave Boudreau - Site Supervisor, Tom Rowat - Project Engineer, Ben Gonzales - Project Engineer/Service Technician and Bobby Brooks - Service Technician who brought this vision to life. Electrosonic is grateful to them all.

Designing next generation airport experiences


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