Pioneering Technology Leads Electrosonic to 8 Digital Signage Award Nominations

In the fast-changing world of technology used in hospitality venues, it’s all about the experience. Technology must be the facilitator of storytelling to deliver to guests something that immerses the senses and delights the mind. The movement behind this is experiential technology, but it’s much more than the audiovisual (AV) elements. 

Pulling back the layers of the pieces of experiential technology concerns the connection between each element and its management, implementation and beyond. In this guide, you’ll explore experiential technology, why it matters in hospitality, the platforms that build it and more.

Keep reading to learn about the awards, the company’s shortlisted projects and what’s trending in digital signage in the year ahead.

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The Digital Signage Awards

The Digital Signage Awards are a global search to spotlight the most exceptional campaigns, creativity and technical innovations in the field. 2023 will mark the awards’ 13th year.

There are three main areas of achievement: sectors, content and creativity, and technical design and innovation. A panel of independent judges reviews entries, focusing on content, creativity, technical design and innovation. It’s a celebration of the most creative, engaging and empowering digital signage that receives hundreds of submissions each year.

Companies that land on the shortlist and receive awards inspire the next great digital signage projects.


Whittier Public Library's Digital Arch Nabs Honors for Education and Healthcare

The Whittier Public Library in Whittier, Calif., includes a digital portal arch that plays animated content on both sides. The installation invites visitors into an immersive experience in a beloved community space. The project, integrated and installed by Electrosonic, features SNA Displays with content from Render Impact.

The LED arch includes 2.3 million pixels for a rich experience. One of the highlights of the content is a 3-D animated underwater scene.


Imperial War Museum's Holocaust and WWII Galleries Recognized for Museums and Historic Sites

The Imperial War Museum in London recently opened two new galleries, the Holocaust Gallery and WWII Gallery, to educate visitors on these atrocities' causes and consequences. Electrosonic worked with the museum, RAACasson Mann and project managers Fraser Randall on the exhibits. The digital signage components include an LED display of fighter planes, archival film footage and personal stories. They add a human and visual feel to the powerful narrative.


The First Light Pavilion at Jodrell Bank Shortlisted for Museum and Historic Sites and Engineering Design for Installed Projects

The First Light Pavilion is the latest exhibit at the Jodrell Bank visitor center in northwest England. It captures the story of the history of radio astronomy, which was discovered and developed there. Electrosonic collaborated with designers Casson Mann, contractors Realm Projects, as well as Squint Opera, ISSO and DHA. 

Digital signage plays the role of storyteller. Carefully placed screens and high-caliber content bring the amazing history of the subject to life.

Regarding the Engineering Design shortlist, the Electrosonic engineering team was responsible for this component. They ensured the AV design fit the creative vision and would operate reliably for many years.


Summit One Vanderbilt Lands on Four Lists

Summit One Vanderbilt, one of the most ambitious and engaging immersive experiences ever created, was shortlisted for four categories:

  • Hotels, Resorts, Theme Parks and Attractions
  • Sports and Entertainment Venue 
  • Technical Advances and Innovation in Management Software, Data Integration and AI
  • Engineering Design for Installed Projects

It delivers a multi-sensory observation deck experience for visitors in New York City. Many unique spaces blend technology and content.

It was a collaborative effort including owners SL Green, architects Snohetta, experience designers Kenzo Digital, AV designers JB&B, technology advisors Tad, lighting integrators Barbizon and general contractors AECOM Tishman. With so many spaces and needs for digital signage and engineering flexibility, the group worked together to deliver a captivating experience for any visitor.

The digital signage aspects include framed displays that line the walls as guests enter the queue to use a custom-made facial scanner and QR-enabled wristbands to capture their faces that will become a part of the interactive installation at the top. Those faces will later appear on a 50-foot-long Samsung MicroLED to present what it would be like to dance in the clouds. Along with the Samsung, the attraction has 11 LG displays and five planar displays.

Each of these projects showcases all the possibilities of digital signage and gives inspiration to what’s ahead. So, what trends can the industry expect?


Digital Signage Trends

These projects and many others in the Electrosonic portfolio capture many unique ways to use digital signage. In the year to come, the industry will push further. Here’s what to expect:

  • More ways to interact: Interaction with digital signage can be more than just touch. The pandemic forced contactless experiences with smartphones as navigators, and those will stay in place. Adding to this would be gestures, AR code scanning and voice recognition. 
  • Gamification: Extending interaction to a game ramps up the opportunity for engagement. It also can ensure repeat visitors, as every experience is new and exciting. 
  • AI: The biggest trend from these advanced technologies will be autonomous digital signage that delivers personalized content. 
  • Elevated visuals: The content of the screen is still king, and the more vibrant and enthralling, the better. Look for anamorphic animals and 3D animations to set the trend.
  • Lift-and-learn technology: Getting consumers back into stores remains a priority for retailers. With lift-and-learn technology, they have a reason. Once they pick up an item, the screen detects it and provides useful product information. 
  • Screen integration: Digital signage can seamlessly blend into architectural elements or become its own wall. With so many different screens in terms of size, shape and thickness, signage will be part of the initial design. 

The winners of the Digital Signage Awards will be announced at a ceremony on February 2, 2023, in Barcelona, Spain.

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