Whittier Public Library Incorporates Digital Portal As Part of Renovation

Visitors to the main branch of the Whittier Public Library in Whittier, California, will now pass through a digital archway as they enjoy the Library's many services.

Audiovisual (AV) integrator and experiential technology company Electrosonic has just completed work bringing a new digital experience to the Whittier Public Library with the support of the digital display company SNA Displays and content providers Render Impact. 

Electrosonic was awarded the project on October 4th, 2021 and was tasked with providing an experiential technology solution to the Library. After the project's award, Electrosonic brought on SNA displays, a member of Electrosonic's 'Technology Partner Program,' to manufacture the LED displays and support the installation. For this digital signage project, the team selected the 2.5 mm BOLD™ Interior LED video technology from SNA Displays. The LED display consists of dual-sided two columns joined overhead at 90-degree angles by the third section of the LED screen. Each floor-to-ceiling column is two and a half feet wide. The overhead section goes from wall to wall, meaning that visitors are briefly immersed on three sides by LED video technology as they pass through "The Portal" from the main library area to the children's section.

"SNA Displays can adapt to any setting and bring new life to any interior space," said Mikell Senger, senior project manager at SNA Displays. "Digital displays in public areas like this are ideal for sparking the imagination or setting the right mood. I'm excited for children and adults alike to experience that wonder."

Electrosonic managed the installation of the dual-faced display system, which processes more than 2.3 million pixels. Installation required careful coordination with architectural and integrator teams to place the digital portal in the space while considering the surrounding walls and passageway, efficiently landing power and data cabling, and ensuring proper ventilation.

Despite the technical nature of the LED installation, a new display is only as good as the content that goes on it. To deliver the Library with high-quality, engaging, and relevant content, Electrosonic turned to Render Impact. Render Impact is no stranger to non-traditional digital displays. Most of their creative content work is for requests outside the usual 16:9 format. Digital ceilings, floors, column wraps, and 90-degree corners (think anamorphic illusions) are all formats Render Impact is used to dealing with. When they received the request to create content for this project, they jumped at the opportunity.

For this project, Render Impact created four separate pieces of content. An underwater scene made in the Unreal Engine, creative incorporation of historic images of the city of Whittier, a 3D mid-century modern bookshelf canvas and finally, a tranquil CG nature scene that highlights the Library's mascot Leo the Lion.

"The Whittier Library project was an exciting project for several reasons. The non-standard screen format of the LED archway always creates a playful canvas, as seen in the Bookshelves animation. Creating content for both sides of the archway (Public side; Children's side) gave us a great opportunity to craft imagery for a broader range of audiences. The longer runtime of the 3D-animated underwater scene allowed us to mix in several small moments for patrons to discover," said Dan Maher, Production Manager at Render Impact.

The project's success could have only been made possible by the hard work and collaboration between the library team and the partner team. As Electrosonic project manager April Ahn points out, "Electrosonic, SNA, and Render Impact achieved something great together. I am proud of the work we created through our incredible partnership."

This collaboration and the new digital canvas have brought a fresh breath of life to the Whittier Public Library. They will live on to inspire and create lasting impressions on library visitors for years to come.

About Electrosonic:

Electrosonic is an international audiovisual and technology services company that designs, builds, and supports innovative technology solutions that create lasting experiences where people live, work, and play. Founded in 1964, Electrosonic has been recognized for its superior and unsurpassed Technology Master Planning™ and System Integration services. With unique global capability, we deliver highly complex world-class projects across many sectors, including financial services, professional business, entertainment - theme parks, museums and visitor centers, gaming and hospitality, technology and media, energy, and utilities. Electrosonic provides a comprehensive scope of technical and professional services with expertise in ICT and Network Infrastructure, Security, Surveillance and Access Control, Audio, Video and Control Systems, and Acoustics. Electrosonic is where imagination comes to life™. 

About SNA Displays:

SNA Displays brings creative visions to life by building high-end digital displays as vivid and dynamic as the imagination. SNA Displays employs a team of SNAPros™—engineers, skilled project managers, systems experts, installation managers, and support staff—whose mission is total project satisfaction.

SNA Displays is headquartered in Times Square and has worked with clients to design and build some of the world's largest and most recognizable digital spectaculars. Discover how Dreams Live Digitally® at   

About Render Impact:

Render Impact creates high-impact content for LED displays and digital signage of all shapes and sizes. They do everything from anamorphic illusions to forced perspectives and CGI nature scenes to 3D animated graphics.

Using CGI, VFX, 3D animation and motion graphics, we collaborate with our clients to bring their digital screens to life and make an impact on viewers. We have nearly two decades of experience creating dynamic, WOW-factor content for clients in various industries. Learn more at 

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