Electrosonic shortlisted for seven AV Awards 2023

We are delighted to share that Electrosonic has been shortlisted for seven nominations in the Business, Projects and People categories of the prestigious AV Awards 2023.   

The AV Awards are firmly established as the unrivalled badge of excellence for the audiovisual industry and are recognized as the benchmark for the highest possible professional standards and best practices. This year, the Awards celebrate their 25th anniversary, with the ceremony set to take place at Evolution, Battersea in London on 3rd November 2023.


Business Category - Integrator of the Year

Electrosonic is the experiential technology company redefining how technology can create outstanding guest and customer experiences. The company is a leader in complex audiovisual integration, delivering challenging projects that require innovative custom solutions. For almost 60 years, Electrosonic has pushed the boundaries of audiovisual and experiential technologies to create unique solutions that deliver value beyond the initial brief. 

As a Global AVIXA Provider of Excellence, Electrosonic has built a global reputation as the first-choice integrator for the projects that matter. The past year has seen the delivery of multiple ground-breaking projects demonstrating Electrosonic's ability to lead the field in integrating advanced technologies. To maintain leadership, the company has strengthened its strategic partner ecosystems to provide clients access to specialist expertise and advanced technologies. Using unparalleled expertise in themed entertainment, Electrosonic has also developed a unique place in the industry - re-imagining spaces in sectors such as museums, corporate place-making environments, flagship retail spaces or transportation hubs with technologies that create amazing immersive experiences.


Electrosonic's success is built on attracting and developing great people passionate about innovation. We're committed to creating a great work experience for our people because happy employees lead to a healthier, more productive workplace and better results for our clients and partners. 



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Project Category - Public Sector Project of the Year


Photo: Moment Factory

Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark, New Jersey

Four unmissable multimedia place-making installations in the new terminal at Newark International Airport transformed the passenger experience supporting Newark and New Jersey a prime destination for business and tourism. This is place-making on a grand scale with a welcome banner 230 feet by 7 feet, a 'Forest of Firsts' LED pylons that tower 20 feet above travelers, a 12-foot-high 'Welcome to New Jersey' sculpture lit by pulsing LED lights and 33 informative and fun triangular LED pylons at the gateways. Moment Factory led the creative work and design intent, which Electrosonic realized through complex engineering, build, integration and support.



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Orlando International Airport, Orlando, Florida

At Orlando International Airport's Terminal C, unique multimedia experiences welcome, engage and amaze travelers with two of the most advanced experiential spaces ever built in an airport. The 'Moment Vault' combines AI-driven 3D motion capture, interactivity, tracking technology and high-resolution digital content, while the floor-to-ceiling 'Windows on Orlando' LED walls attract immediate attention. These exhilarating spaces redefine the way experiential technology can transform an airport, setting new standards for passenger experience for the next decade. Gentilhomme designed the experience and brought in Electrosonic to work in partnership with technology designers Smart Monkeys and Saco. Electrosonic took responsibility for system integration, detailed engineering and managed support.  

Project Category - Events & Entertainment Project of the Year
CHAOS #501 at the Gagosian Gallery, New York City

A unique digital art experience showcases 1000 digital sculptures with precise ultra-high-quality renditions on a large-scale video wall. CHAOS #501 highlights 500 pairs of distinct everyday objects selected by renowned artist Urs Fischer. Each pair of objects moves independently of other pairs within defined spaces on the video wall to create a mesmerizing experience. Electrosonic ensured all 1000 digital sculptures were displayed clearly and precisely within the overall composition to provide the best viewing experience. The exhibit, engineered, integrated and programmed by Electrosonic, is the first example of the presentation of NFTs (non-fungible token artworks) in this format.

Project Category - Themed Entertainment & Attraction Project of the Year
First Light Pavilion at Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, England

Innovative technology brings 50 years of intergalactic discoveries to life. Its highlight is the 'Radio Sky', a unique projection surface created from sections of the world's first radio telescope. Highly complex projection-mapping and integration skills enable the 'Radio Sky' to act as both a vast, seamless multi-projection surface and a series of individual projection surfaces for content triggered by interactive exhibits. The six experiential, interactive spaces within the exhibition, known as 'chapters', tell different aspects of the Jodrell Bank  story. Electrosonic worked with designers Casson Mann to design the technical aspects of the exhibition and delivered the audiovisual, physical network infrastructure and control system design, build and system integration.



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Project Category - Retail Project of the Year 



Photo: Marco Petrini, Petrini Studio

Okta’s New York Experience Center, New York City

Electrosonic, in partnership with experience designers HUSH, helped develop an innovative public-facing experience space for Okta an IT Service Management Company as part of a broad initiative to appeal to B2B and B2C customers. Compelling interactive expressions drive brand awareness and increase Okta’s digital products and services sales. Architecture, interactivity and experiential technology create a unique form of storytelling that brings together motion tracking, dynamic large-scale content and immersive audio, while more than 1675 linear feet of LED fins provide an innovative digital canvas for communicating challenging concepts. To bring this solution to reality, Electrosonic provided audiovisual system integration, engineering, specialty audio, immersive technology services and a managed services package in support of HUSH.


People Category - Rising Star of the Year 

Jessie Bailey, Strategic Partner Manager

The past 12 months have seen momentous change for Jessie Bailey. She successfully delivered her first multi-million project as a Project Manager and, in January 2023, was appointed to one of Electrosonic's key roles, Strategic Partner Manager – all within less than four years in the industry. Throughout her short career in audiovisual, Jessie has demonstrated exceptional skills in relationship building, collaboration and teamwork, plus the ability to take on and successfully deliver large-scale, high-profile projects, including World EXPO pavilions and global programs for leading financial services firms. 

A team effort  

The success of these remarkable projects is due to the fantastic collaboration between clients, partners and the talented teams of Electrosonic Design Consultants, Engineers, Fabricators, Project Managers and support staff who bring the visions to life.


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