April 30, 2019

3 Ways Technology Master Planning Can Help Your Bottom Line

When organizations embrace new technology, the potential exists to introduce significant new benefits to the company’s existing environment. So much so that technology can significantly differentiate an organization or attraction from others in a crowded field.

However, without proper planning, organizations can end up with truly disparate deployments that can unfortunately introduce havoc while wasting valuable resources.

This is where Electrosonic’s Technology Master PlanningTM methodology can make a significant difference. By taking a true big picture look at organizational short and long-term goals, availability of existing assets, and the potential for future needs, Electrosonic can develop a comprehensive plan that can optimize the use of technology that will save time, money and physical resources.

Time savings is a key component of TMP Leveraging Strategic Collaboration and Expertise to Save Time

One key aspect that makes the Electrosonic Technology Master Planning process such a successful methodology, is the experience of the specialists taking part in each phase. In fact, in many instances a comprehensive Technology Master Plan requires knowledge in acoustics, audiovisual, information communication technology as well as security, surveillance and access control.

When compared to the expertise these professionals bring to the equation, in-house teams may not have the appropriate skills or experience to assess the right system performance requirements or even understand the interdependencies of different disciplines. An in-house approach can also be time-consuming and resource-intensive and may lead to poor results.

Much like an architectural master planning process, the Electrosonic Technology Master Planning process thrives when experts and stakeholders have the opportunity to openly collaborate -- ensuring complete project coordination with everyone involved so that all the ultimate solution incorporates all of the project considerations and complexities.

TMP helps organizations save money.

Properly Utilizing Resources to Save Money

Although technology has the potential to reap significant rewards upon deployment, technology is still an investment. And, like any investment the goal should always be to get the most possible return out of the investment. Technology Master Planning reduces the risk by providing essential guidance on technology acquisition to meet experience goals and vision.

This is a dynamic methodology that reflects the changing technology landscape and ensures that all the different technological components meet current and future business and operational needs. Technology Master Planning supports a coordinated investment strategy that eliminates the risk of overlap or wastage, saves time and money and optimizes resource utilization compared with in-house approaches.

Watch this video to find out more about the Electrosonic Technology Master Planning Process.

For instance, our information and communications technology solutions are designed to operate effectively in a connected world. They include specialist services for structured cabling, data center and cloud storage facility design.

Additionally, we unify security, surveillance and access control systems for situational awareness of people, property and places, with specialist services for risk, threat and vulnerability assessments, security, surveillance and access control system design and control and monitoring room design.

We also design acoustic environments for crystal-clear speech intelligibility, privacy, and freedom from unwanted noise, with specialist services for sound flanking, acoustical noise control and architectural acoustics.

Tapping into existing resources.

Benefit by Capitalizing on Physical Resources

By taking a big picture approach it’s often possible to capitalize on existing technology as well. For instance, you may already have a comprehensive network with bandwidth that can easily accommodate the new deployment. Having access to this network could prove beneficial not only in avoiding the expense of purchasing additional – and perhaps needlessly redundant equipment – but also because the new equipment will have the ability to mix in with existing security and IT management efforts.

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Chris Kratochwill

Chris Kratochwill, Design Consulting Manager at Electrosonic, writes with insider knowledge on what it takes to bring visions to reality. He has more than 25 years’ experience working with end-users, architects and planners to design award-winning experiences for multi-million-dollar projects in the leisure and hospitality sector.