December 5, 2019

Dark Rides Create Extension Opportunities

Brand extension is a goal for any themed environment. After all, extension allows a theme park operator to build a thriving community within the existing ecosystem. Within a themed environment an extension can include the ability to capitalize on new retail opportunities or build out new dining environments.

When properly planned, dark rides provide park operators with wonderful and functional opportunities here, especially when the rides leverage licenses from well-known and established characters from comics, franchise movies or popular television series.

How does it work?

Since dark rides already operate within internal spaces, the same building can often house the merchandising environment as well. And, because dark rides themselves already leverage audiovisual technologies, the opportunity exists to utilize some of the same or similar content within the retail space – essentially continuing the immersive experience for the guest.

As a dark ride grows in popularity, the park can add the use of gamification as well as interactive display units into the retail environment. Again, this create an extended environment that can provide the guest with a truly customized experience that easily aligns with the dark ride experience.

Themed food offerings are nothing new to most parks. However, the ability to align foods with superheroes, villains, etc. is a great way to capitalize on the “relationship” the guest has with the character. The key here is the ability to expand the character development, which can prove instrumental as the park tweaks content utilized within dark ride environments.

These character driven experiences also lend themselves well to continued guest engagement through social platforms. This is an opportunity to continue interacting with the guest well after a park visit – and keep their attention as they plan future visits. The data a park can gather with ongoing engagements can further foster continued content development. This is crucial since today’s guests are always looking for personalized experiences.

Want help making the most of your dark ride?

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Maurizio Capuzzo

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