September 4, 2019

What are the Benefits of Digital Communications and Media Walls?

We live in a fast-paced, technology-fueled environment where people put a significant value on their time. They desire everything they need in a quick consumable fashion. Fortunately, the audiovisual (AV) industry is ready with high definition technologies such as digital communication and media walls.

Bringing Brand Awareness Campaigns to Life

When people are on the go, it can be difficult to capture their attention. This is true whether you are targeting your own employee base or customers as they enter your visitor center. There is a small window of time for companies to not only capture, but ultimately keep a target’s attention. In fact, according to one recent survey, it only takes 10 seconds for consumers to form an impression of your brand.

Video walls are a great way to increase brand awareness.

Success is not only about developing amazing content. Today, organizations need to be equally as creative in how they deliver the content. When companies get it right, it’s not uncommon to see people stop in their tracks to take in the message.

Fortunately, when utilizing digital communications and media walls, the opportunity still exists to fully engage and immerse this moving audience through the use of meaningful content spread across high definition displays. And, when coupled with today’s user recognition technologies, it is also possible to heavily customize the content to ensure that the target audience remains fully engaged using an interactive application.

Accessibility to Key Content

These same technologies that provide truly immersive brand experience also thrive within mission critical environments. Today’s control rooms are a prime example. When paired with access to analytical engines, today’s media walls have the ability to provide key individuals with instant access to key content.

Consider, for instance, a control room within the energy industry designed to remotely monitor offshore assets. Successfully accomplishing this goal often means combining real-time video feeds with a mix of data from strategically positioned sensors. With a video wall, it’s possible to have all of this content conveniently on a large dashboard empowering a decision maker to rapidly consider all the variables without having to search for additional information.

By using advanced analytics and integrating data management and visualization tools with video walls, operators can visualize multiple data sources simultaneously. This improves situational awareness and gives all decision makers real-time access to essential information in any format for their role.

Video walls and their associated software provide a highly customizable, readily accessible information dashboard for real-time monitoring and response by multiple simultaneous users. They enable operators to view, share and control all essential operational information in a single image space instead of switching workstations. Operators can display content from any source in any format for different scenarios and create templates to speed presentation for recurring or critical scenarios.

Making the most out of opportunities where digital communications and media walls thrive, takes planning and an understanding of how to successfully integrate today’s technology into existing environments. This is where Electrosonic’s team of technology experts thrive. With over five decades of experience creatively utilizing technology to deliver truly immersive experience, Electrosonic has the experience and expertise you need to make the most of digital communication and video walls. Click here to learn more.

Yiannis Cabolis

Yiannis Cabolis, Director of Technology Innovation at Electrosonic, shares the inside track on how technology drives innovation. He brings 30 years’ experience monitoring emerging technologies, developing best practices and driving Research and Development to solve challenges and help clients understand how to benefit from the latest engineered technology solutions.