February 19, 2020

Understanding the Ingredients Needed to Create Smart Workplaces (New Podcast)

The thirst for experiences that seems to be driving everything in the current market goes well beyond the hospitality, retail and amusement-based environments.  And for good reason. After all, as a growing number of workers embrace remote opportunities, office spaces still need to meet evolving needs.

As such, organizations need to move away from the cubical laced environments and stoic spaces that no longer fill the intended need.

Simply put, today’s professionals desire stylish spaces intentionally designed to provide needed functionality while facilitating opportunities for innovation. This means organizations need to look past the idea of simply adding cool technology to the mix. While technology plays a role, the best results occur when businesses embrace designs that offer flexibility while still enabling a documentable return on investment.


Creating these environments is where seasoned professionals like Sean McChesney, experience technology consultant for Electrosonic, thrive. McChesney joins this episode of Fusion to discuss experiential technology in the workplace, elaborating on projects he’s worked on and rising trends he sees developing in the present-day workplace.

While focusing on delivering today’s professionals the iPhone experience, McChesney explains that implementing well-thought-out AV starts at the foundation, often collaborating with engineers and architects to ensure the company, its employees and guests get what they need from their spaces.

According to McChesney, today’s workforce grew up with technology. “They are considered technology natives. They understand it. They use it. They know how it is supposed to work,” he says. “That reality is going to push companies to adapt and outfit their spaces with the proper tools and ease of use for this workforce to move in and help be as productive as the rest of the company.”

Interested in learning more? Be sure to listen as McChesney discusses how properly utilizing technology can play a crucial role in helping any company regardless of individualized needs to effectively foster creativity and collaboration, while aiding in high-output of innovation.


Key discussion points

2:03    What are some of the general trends in corporate campuses?

3:58    Are you seeing companies embrace certain kinds of technology to reflect the changing culture?

5:15    Which of the spaces are you seeing change the most?

7:18    How are you seeing AV technology support these trends?

11:13  In what ways do campuses reflect the culture of cutting edge innovation?

13:29  Breaking down the process of working on an innovative space.

17:04  How has the tactic of being a partner worked out for Silicon Valley tech clients?

26:43   How can small organizations leverage the same innovative approaches as Silicon Valley firms you are working with?


Alexander Hann

Alexander Hann, Communications Specialist, understands the challenges that clients face when they are making decisions about technology. He uses his extensive experience of communicating complex concepts to write about the latest developments in technology in a way that clearly explains benefits for business and technical decision-makers.