May 29, 2019

Upcoming Event Focuses on Technology's Role in the Future of Oil & Gas

Technology touches all industries. And when organizations embrace what technology has to offer, the opportunity exists to excel. This is exactly what is happening at the Future Oil & Gas conference is taking place in Aberdeen, UK on June 11-12.

With a theme of “Exploring the disruption and innovation shaping the oil and gas industry,” the conference will provide attendees an array of learning opportunities. For instance, finding out how leading organizations are utilizing disruptive technologies to improve their operational efficiency. Attendees can also discover the technology enablers for improved profitability as well as learning strategies necessary to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving energy industry landscape.

Event organizers have put together a number of panel discussions throughout the conference. Each discussion focuses on helping those within the energy sector deal with current challenges while capitalizing on opportunities to better leverage technology. Some of the panel discussions include:

  • Using your data, IoT and the cloud to drive operations forward;
  • Designing and building a digital asset;
  • Utilizing drones, VR, AR and wearables;
  • Protecting legacy systems against cyber threats;
  • Creating a digital competence within the organization;
  • Optimizing business for everyone through greater collaboration; and
  • Reaping the rewards from cross sector learning and insights.

In addition to more panel discussions, the second day will feature a handful of technology-based presentations as well as a case study on building a digitally dexterous company.

Control room environment


Spotlight on Maximizing the Control Room Environment

As the industry embraces the ongoing digital transformation – as well as the importance of data and collaboration – well-built control rooms are understandably taking center stage. Electrosonic (a silver sponsor for this year’s event) will give a presentation focused on how properly designing and building a control room environment represents a meaningful opportunity to connect decision makers with remote workers as well as an array of data sources.

Properly built, a control room has the ability to effectively monitor multiple streams of information to make faster and more accurate decisions. Some of the key components include large-format video walls empowering everyone in the room to easily collaborate with inputs from a variety of information sources. When paired with modern display wall processors, oil and gas companies can incorporate network elements, displaying network computers and video cameras and provide the ability to control sources displayed on the control room display wall.

Interested in learning more about control rooms? This podcast provides some great insights.

However, creating an effective and truly collaborative control room environment is about more than just deploying technology into an existing space. Efficient designs take into consideration the intended use of the space, selecting displays that support the need for storytelling and fully maximizing the user experience.

With documented experience designing and building controlled environments, Electrosonic provides a suite of flexible and scalable service solutions including technology professional services, field and system integration services as well as comprehensive support and managed services.

Ready to take the next step and build your control room? Electrosonic has the expertise and experience needed to help take your organization into the future.

Maurizio Capuzzo

Maurizio Capuzzo, Electrosonic’s Chief Marketing Officer, fuses the science of data with the art of visual and verbal communication to explain how technology adds value and helps foster innovation. Maurizio writes from a wealth of experience, holding leadership roles in global technology companies as well as possessing a deep understanding of how technology contributes to business growth.