December 6, 2019

What You Need to Know About Building Smart Spaces

Much like today’s consumers, building owners have high expectations. They want far more out of their investments as they build new spaces and renovate existing environments. A key driver? The continuous technology evolution.

Electrosonic recently exhibited at the LondonBuild event, the leading construction and design show in the UK. It was a great opportunity to connect with design and build professionals to spotlight where AV Technology is headed. And how the ongoing evolution can positively contribute to current construction projects.

As part of Electrosonic’s event participation, Electrosonic Head of Solutions Jim Fitton gave a presentation on the “Innovative Uses of Media Display Technology.” His presentation is timely considering not only the advances in audiovisual (AV) display technology (including the expansion of interactivity), but also the number of creative uses (such as dynamic wayfinding).

Could better AV utilization help your projects?

The short answer: Yes.

However, there is more to integrating technology into a project than simply buying and deploying displays and sound systems. Simply put, technology is constantly evolving. And being able to identify and properly plan for potential applications can add significant value to any build.

For instance, most of today’s AV technology has the ability to capitalize on more advanced technologies (RFID, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.) Many of these are data-based capabilities that require further understanding in order to properly leverage as a true advantage.

Perhaps the biggest key to successfully integrating AV technology into a design/build project is to involve AV design professionals early in the planning stages.

Electrosonic has developed a comprehensive process known as the Technology Master PlanningTM methodology. By taking a true big picture look at organizational short and long-term goals, availability of existing assets, and the potential for future needs, Electrosonic can develop a comprehensive plan that can optimize the use of technology that will save time, money and physical resources.

Much like an architectural master planning process, the Electrosonic Technology Master Planning process thrives when experts and stakeholders have the opportunity to openly collaborate -- ensuring complete project coordination with everyone involved so that all the ultimate solution incorporates all of the project considerations and complexities.

Click here to listen to a podcast explaining Technology Master Planning.

Need help? At Electrosonic, our professional AV consultants are experts in audio, video and control systems, ICT, security, surveillance and access control systems as well as acoustics. We can help in deploying best practices for integrating AV systems while staying within budget and time scales. Click here to learn more.

Victoria Cosgrave

Victoria Cosgrave, Field Marketing Manager, Enterprise at Electrosonic, has wide-ranging experience of technology within professional services, financial services, infrastructure, transport, pharmaceuticals and government. Her knowledge and experience enables her to write about the technological landscape and the issues facing clients with great insight.