July 26, 2019

Combining Innovative Design and Modern Technology to Create Inspirational Spaces

Architecture has a way of evoking awe unlike any other art form. Perhaps it’s because buildings allow us to immerse ourselves into a space for a uniquely holistic experience. Whether classic or modern, iconic building like Paris’ Notre Dame, Jordan’s Petra, New York’s One World Trade Center or Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, often leave visitors with a sense of wonder.

Fortunately, the ability to leave lasting impressions isn’t limited to famed structures. Combining the right blend of architecture, design and technology can produce an inspirational space that is wholly unforgettable.

Inspirational Places Around the Globe

Below are a few examples of inspirational place around the globe. In each instance, thoughtful architecture, design and technology come together to create inspirational environments. 


The Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX Is another example of blending today's technology with architecture creates a lasting impression. A massive Welcome Wall displays scenes of greeting and stunning visuals to refresh passengers. Departing soon? The Bon Voyage Wall provides a unique send-off with images expressing LA’s diversity, creativity and energy. A 72-feet high Time Tower entertains and informs with content exploring time as part of the travel experience. Thinking of far-away places? A 120-feet-long Story Board displays content based on the art and cultural traditions of destination cities around the world. The IEMS is the first full integration of broadcast audiovisual, enterprise-grade information technologies and show-control technologies to manage interactive data-driven content across multiple systems and platforms. 


At the One World Observatory, the Global Welcome Center creates a personalized greeting for visitors by converting realtime data into multilingual messages and displaying interesting facts about visitors’ journeys. The experience in the elevator is completely immersive, surrounding occupants with virtual time lapse recreations of history. When visitors reach the top an innovative video wall gradually reveals a stylized skyscape to set the scene for stunning live views of the city.


Using leading-edge technology, immersive environments, large-scale models and compelling interactivity across all four museums, the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salam Cultural Centre provides an exciting range of attractions as well as a fresh new learning approach for Kuwaitis. Some of the exhibits used a mix of professional scientific and medical equipment to ensure interpretation was accurate - one of the installs was a smell machine that emitted different scents which took six months to make. Another exhibit in the Healthy living gallery, called Race against the Stars’, used sixteen 80” screens mounted side by side, in portrait mode, to create a virtual running track allowing participants to race against the world’s elite athletes. All entrants are accurately timed with the fastest posted on a daily leader board to encourage participation, healthy competition and excitement.

Bringing Inspiration to Life

Globally creatives have imagined and realized remarkable places for people to live, work and play. Electrosonic is proud to have had a hand in bringing some of these inspirational spaces to life through custom, next-generation audiovisual solutions.

Our AV pros created a technology experience at the Science History Institute in Philadelphia by updating their exhibits with interactive tables and a media column that presents content relevant to visitors' lives. Likewise, the Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center turned to us to create an engaging and interactive journey that reveals the story of modern agriculture, from farm to table. And guests of the Space Shuttle Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex are inspired to reach for the stars with the help of 60 interactive exhibits and AV simulators that give everyone the chance to explore the final frontier.

By combining modern technology with imaginative thinking, architects can create inspirational spaces that are tailor-made for today’s experience economy. At Electrosonic, we engineer custom audiovisual solutions designed to create unforgettable memories. Click the link to learn more about the markets we serve.

Chris Kratochwill

Chris Kratochwill, Design Consulting Manager at Electrosonic, writes with insider knowledge on what it takes to bring visions to reality. He has more than 25 years’ experience working with end-users, architects and planners to design award-winning experiences for multi-million-dollar projects in the leisure and hospitality sector.