August 27, 2019

What are the Benefits of Remote Monitoring and Repair?

Audiovisual (AV) and collaboration systems are crucial to many aspects of business success. However, the range and complexity of different systems create a significant workload for IT.

Some systems such as digital signage, video walls, or wayfinding applications are turnkey with single functions and minimal user support requirements. Audio, video, and content sharing tools can be more complicated — different manufacturers, content and media, and multiple standards. Most importantly, they have the human factor.

AV and collaboration systems require regular monitoring.

Users need support to make effective use of the systems, particularly when it comes to larger scale meetings and events. This is where remote monitoring and repair services can make a significant difference in keeping your AV investments running as expected.

Identifying AV System Issues Before Problems Arise

There are certain warning signs before audiovisual systems have issues. And in many cases, it is hard to recognize them. However, with remote monitoring technicians set alarm parameters that alert them to potential problems. For instance, if a system is starting to get too hot compared to it usage.

Not all AV issues are identifiable onsite with daily use.

Using specialist support services to maintain reliability and availability will build user confidence and help teams meet aggressive project timelines. Those services can also help IT to deploy and integrate new technologies that enhance business processes and make your business more efficient and profitable.

Real Time Monitoring

There are definitely times when having remote service makes sense. When considering remote services, the size and amount of deployments often plays a key role. For instance, remote can be a great option when a company has multiple identical rooms with a consistent use case. It tends to work well in boardrooms, classrooms, etc. when remote technicians can see pieces of a system, assess data points and make informed decisions when to intervene remotely or prompt onsite support.

Real time monitoring limits the need for on site repairs.

As long as an organization provides seamless access to its systems through a reliable high-speed connection, Electrosonic technicians can provide real time monitoring services. Leveraging a control room environment, all the system vitals are at the technician’s fingertips. And in many instances, simple remote modifications can ultimate result in a repair without ever needing to visit the facility.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the biggest benefit of remote monitoring and repair is the peace of mind it provides. In today’s digital world we simply expect our technology to just work. Having expertly trained technicians working behind the scenes makes that expectation a reality.

Remote support can be a great tool to supply more information to the service team and in many cases provide an avenue to remedy the situation without the need to dispatch a resource. Remote support can reduce downtime and the requirements for an onsite support, saving everyone time and money.

Remote monitoring provides peace of mind

Based on the highest industry standards, Electrosonic delivers quality solutions across complex control room projects and multiple technology disciplines. We understand the installation, integration and maintenance requirements of each control room system that we design, and we leverage converged technologies to create innovative design solutions that reduce the cost of ownership for our clients.

Interested in learning more about remote monitoring and repair? Armed with a team of technical experts, Electrosonic is a leader in providing remote services. Click here to learn more.

Theresa Gray

Theresa Gray, Electrosonic’s Global Head of Client Support and Services, believes that service operations don’t just resolve issues, they add value by helping clients make the most of their technology investments. Theresa writes from the experience of developing fluid, flexible service solutions that align support with clients’ strategic technology goals.