July 1, 2019

3 Ways AV Brings Your Zoo or Aquarium into the Digital Age

Zoos and aquariums have an intriguing capability to attract guests of all ages. One of the reasons for the lasting appeal is their unique ability to offer guests the opportunity to at least momentarily step into the wild.

For most guests a zoo or aquarium visit is an opportunity to see an array of animals or fish in spaces that look like their natural environments whether that is the middle of the rainforest or the bottom of one of the world’s oceans.

Guests understandably have a set experience in mind when visiting these nature-based environments. However, otherwise wild animals can understandably be unpredictable. As a result, they may not be interested in being on display. They may sleep during the same hours that the zoo is open.

The uncertainty doesn’t need to take away from the visitor experience. Properly designed and deployed audiovisual technology can play a significant role in making sure that visitors always have access to a truly immersive experience.


Interactive opportunities

While visitors enjoy watching the birds float from tree to tree or watch monkey play with one another, interactive displays represent an opportunity to both engage and educate. Today’s high definition offerings expanding the experience beyond by providing background information, fun facts and videos.

When zoos embrace the fact that many visitors have smartphones, they suggest the best places to take selfies or group shots and suggest hashtags for social posts. This same technology also represents an opportunity to continue engaging with visitors well after a visit.


Streaming action

Especially in aquarium environments, it’s quite common to have areas where it is extremely difficult to actually see the fish. Properly positioned cameras can capture video from known hiding spaces sharing real-time streams on high definition displays positioned near the aquarium glass.

These same displays can also use professional video content to help patrons clearly identify each creature visible behind the glass.


Show management

Shows are often a key attraction at larger zoos and aquariums. AV technology can play an instrumental role in ensuring that all guests are able to hear and see what is happening regardless of where they are sitting. A properly designed show space leverages technology to provide the experience, often without guest even realizing how much technology is within the arena.

Many zoos and aquariums also have central control spacesto monitor temperatures, guest flow, etc. Today’s AV technology can help ensure that these crucial control rooms are productive, effective and foster collaboration.


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Paul Kent

Paul Kent, Electrosonic’s Regional Director MEA, is a respected industry leader. As a distinguished member of the Blooloop Top 50 Theme Park Influencers, board member of Experience UK and former president of the TEA European Board, Paul has made a great contribution to the development of the industry. With over 20 years in award-winning global themed entertainment projects, he’s a trusted writer on technology direction in the industry.