August 14, 2018

How to Select the Right Security Consulting Firm

Companies are increasingly realizing the benefits of modernizing their security systems. They can do this by upgrading to an IP-based system, or by integrating access controls, CCTVs and alarms under a single platform. The right solution can be a force multiplier—reducing operational costs while improving protection through sophisticated technology.

However, few companies have the expertise to design a security system, choose the best solution, and oversee its implementation. That’s where a security consulting firm can be of service.

There’s quite a bit of competition within the security consulting industry, but once you know what to look for, it’s easy to choose a firm will help you meet your objectives. Look for a consultancy that…

  • Will leverage your existing security investments. Whether you’re looking to modernize, standardize, or expand an existing system, choose a provider that will work to optimize your current investments rather than push you into a rip-and-replace. The consultancy should work to identify how much of your existing investments can be used in the new solution.
  • Will help you find a security solution that is scalable and futureproof. Proprietary software and closed platforms don’t work with other technologies, locking you into that system for the foreseeable future. The consultancy should help you identify a system that integrates with other technologies so you can easily scale the system as your company grows.
  • Designs exception-based systems. Gone are the days where companies hire someone to sit in front of a video wall 24/7 in hopes of identifying a problem. Today’s systems focus on alarms triggered through analytics. The system analyzes the alarm and fires off a notification when there’s an exception.
  • Provides support throughout the project lifecycle—and anywhere in between. Choose a consulting firm that will oversee your entire project, so you can rest easy knowing your security system is in good hands. This includes working with an architectural firm, providing schematic design, concept and detail designs, and construction drawings. The provider should also serve as a representative on your behalf, reviewing bids from integrators and making recommendations. Once construction begins, the provider oversees installation to ensure it’s installed per specifications and meets your expectations.
  • Is product agnostic. Many consultancies have partnerships with technology manufacturers, which makes it difficult for them to make an objective recommendation. A security consulting firm that doesn’t have any affiliations with technology manufacturers will be in the best position to help you select a security system based on your specific needs.
  • Has a positive, long-standing reputation and experience in your industry. Designing a security system for a theme park or airport is very different from designing one for a home or corporate campus. Look for a security consulting firm that understands your unique needs, particularly if you’re in a regulated industry like gaming or hospitality and must meet regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Designs security systems using a threat-based methodology. A threat-based methodology involves identifying your high-value assets and the threats that could pose the most damage, both structurally as well as reputationally. A security solution is then designed to specifically protect against those high-risk threats.
  • Is a multiple-discipline design consulting firm. For example, Electrosonic provides much more than consulting services for security, surveillance and access control systems. In addition to those, we provide services for ICT and network infrastructure; audio, video and control systems; and acoustics—effectively serving as a one-stop shop for all of our clients’ low-voltage needs.

Once you choose the right security consulting firm, you can rest easy knowing the design and system will meet your objectives while supporting future growth. Furthermore, you’ll have a trusted partner on your side who can provide support as your business needs evolve.

Chris Kratochwill

Chris Kratochwill, Design Consulting Manager at Electrosonic, writes with insider knowledge on what it takes to bring visions to reality. He has more than 25 years’ experience working with end-users, architects and planners to design award-winning experiences for multi-million-dollar projects in the leisure and hospitality sector.